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Why is my shirt covered in cranberry sauce and turkey skin hanging from my mouth you ask? Because it’s Thanksgiving, duh. Ah, Thanksgiving, the day where we as Americans have the privilege to give thanks to our favorite past times, of gorging on cheesecake factory like amounts of food, hanging with your favorite/least favorite in-laws (you know who you are), and of course, good ole American Football. How can you not enjoy Thanksgiving?

What’s your favorite match up? Who are you going to be rooting for in between pouring giblet gravy down your throat and giving thanks for America? I for one, will be rooting for America’s Team on America’s holiday. However, I am a Cowboys fan and you might not be. Let’s look at the rest of the Thanksgiving NFL match ups.

12:30 Green Bay @ Detroit

The Green Bay Packers are arguably the best team in the NFL. Having Aaron Rodgers as your quarterback is pretty nice also. Rodgers has loads of recivers at his disposal with top notch vision. Also, the Packers have zero running game, but still manage to win games. Imagine if they had an explosive running back also, they would dominate every game. Well, they already do. However, the Lions have been hammered one too many times lately. They’re once bad boy defense was known for stopping every play and now it’s only known for big hits and big fines. I personally think the Lions have what it takes to get there ish back together and hopefully it will be in time for Thanksgiving, or it will get ugly. I can’t bet against the Packers. Packers with the W.

4:15 Miami @ Dallas

Who is Miami’s quarterback? Chad Henne? Is he still alive? Matt Moore? I think that’s him. The only glimmer of hope Miami has right now is Andrew Luck or Matt Barkley in the 2012 draft. The Fins are plagued by injuries left and right and I’m pretty sure their head coach Tony Sparano is preparing to get fired. The only way the Cowboys lose this fight is if they literally lay down and let the Dolphins have the game. I just don’t see the Dolphins winning. Not a chance. Cowboys with the W.

8:20 San Francisco @ Baltimore

The sibling rivalry game of the year. Jim Harbaugh’s 49ers vs. John Harbaugh’s Ravens. For Baltimore this is a must win game to stay on par with an already competitive AFC North. However, this could be a tough one to pull off against a top ranked San Francisco defense. While Joe Flacco is still trying to get the passing game going, in the meantime, the only offensive weapon the Ravens have is Ray Rice. They won’t be able to put all of this on Ray Rice for this one as San Francisco hasn’t allowed a single rushing touchdown all year. If Alex Smith can keep continuing not to look like Alex Smith this should be a lock for San Francisco, but boy do I like upsets. I’m picking the Ravens in this one. I’m not buying into the Niners just yet.

I’m thankful for Football.

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