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For anyone who is anyone in Dallas, Jonathan Tyler and The Northern Lights is not an obscure name passed around. Signing onto big boys Atlantic Records in 2010, these guys have also opened for pretty big names like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kid Rock, and AC/DC.

Since 2008, JT&TNL have headlined our very own New Year’s Eve Bash. If rock ‘n roll icons have a certain look, Jonathan Tyler has got it. A hybrid of Mick Jagger and Kid Rock, J.T is a “true rock star in Dallas music.” Beyond that, the looks are only a small part of the equation.

Pegasus News praised Jonathan Tyler and The Northern Lights’ performance last New Years’ Eve for “their brand of blues, southern rock, funk, and soul, mixed with the swagger and gravitas of bands like Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones” taking “us back to the days when rock was king.”

New Years’ Eve celebration calls for good drinks surrounded by good company, and every year, JTNL brings the house down. The band comes back each year bigger than the previous and are following a continual trend. Leaving Dallas music fans looking forward for the years coming and ongoing, JTNL is nothing but an optimistic way to end a year, and kick off a new one.

Come out here and join us for a celebration of the New Year, and one of rock ‘n roll. The past three years have been great, and you know what they say about the 4th years? Absolute charms. Tickets are available online, and the party happens right in our house on December 31st. You guys ready to tear the house down (in the best way imaginable, of course)?

Check out what drink goes best with Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights:

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