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Well today is my last day at the Granada Theater and after 4.5 years here, I can honestly say this is one of the most bittersweet moments in my life. As I am preparing to take on a new challenge in the music industry, I wanted to take a look back at some of the most amazing times I’ve had at the theater. This actually became emotional for me to write when thinking about the huge impact the Granada has had on my life and how much love I have for this place.

I remember walking into my interview April of 2007 and meeting with Mike Schoder. I had just moved from New York City and was a total amateur. My initial thought was, this guy looks like he should be surfing on a beach somewhere and not running a live music venue, but that is Schoder for you. He just gives off that vibe. Then I met Mike Schwedler, the man behind all the Production. We shared CA stories (where I’m from) and talked about NYC. He was as knowledgeable of music and the industry as anyone I’ve ever met. I was hired as a marketing/promotions specialist and the formation of a promo team was quickly created. Mike had a vision, opened an office and brought a few of us on to help promote the Granada and the bands coming through here.

That was the beginning and now almost five years later, dozens of employees and about 900 concerts, I am saying goodbye to what has been a truly magical experience. Here are some of my favorite memories:

Blonde Redhead 5/1/2007- this was the first show I ever went to while working at the Granada.
Side note: this was a first date for our talent buyer Ryan and his hot wife Carra-that was a special night for a couple reasons!

Ben Gibbard 5/14/2007 – seeing him solo in such an intimate venue was truly one of the coolest shows here.

Cat power 8/17/2007- The show was funny for a couple of different reasons. I remember she brought her little dog and it pooped in the theater. The show was being recorded and she ended up doing her set twice because she wasn’t satisfied with her performance. It was a LONG night to say the least.

The National 9/14/2007- Seeing them live catapulted them to one of my current top 5 bands. It was epic!

The Avett Brothers 11/2/2007- here were about 200 people in the room and get this….they were the opener. They are the perfect example of what every band should be. Played in smaller venues, built their audience and now are selling out thousand person venues nightly.

March of 2008- Meeting my husband Joshua. Josh is the GM of 95.3 The Range was friends with Mike for about 12 years at the time and so we knew that Schoder wouldn’t be too happy that we were dating. We kept it a secret for a month or so. We would sneak in the corners of the Granada during shows like Gogol Bordello, Okkervil River and Shooter Jennings and make out when no one was looking. Then one night, we wanted to watch The King Bucks when they had their residence at The Barely House thinking we wouldn’t see anyone we knew….Dumb thought. About an hour into being there Mike Schoder along with a couple managers of the Granada and a few staff members walked in and caught us. One of the most AWKWARD moments of my entire time here but now one of the funniest.

Kid Rock 4/23/2008: That night my now husband and I said I love you for the first time….we like to keep it classy.

Ryan Bingham 6/12/2008-He was just starting to blow up here in Dallas.

Hal Ketchum acoustic 6/11/2009-There was a huge storm that hit Dallas and we lost electricity that day. Mike decided to go on with the show so the theater was black except for hundreds of candles surrounding the stage, Hal was unmiked, the credit card machine was down so it was cash only and there was no AC BUT it was truly one of the best nights and shows I’ve ever been to.

DOMAS 8/21/2009-The Granada won Best Booking and Live Music Venue and Mike busted out a keg stand during his acceptance speech. I didn’t know whether to laugh or get out of the way.

Imogen Heap 11/17/2009-It was as beautiful as you hope it would be.

2/15/2010- Joshua proposed while we were on Good Morning Texas that morning before work and I remember having to go straight into a meeting…I apologize Mike because I still have no idea anything that was said or done at work that day….It was such a blur but good blur.

Granada’s Anniversary Party 8/18/2010-Built to Spill and Telegraph Canyon performed. Awesome night of music with tons of local people in the scene.

Wu Tang 12/10/2010-I remember standing there in my cowboy boots at this show saying “What was I thinking wearing these”

New Year’s Eve 12/31/2010-Jonathan Tyler and Somebody’s Darling. We were standing on stage during what we thought would be a countdown, only there was never a count. We just stood there, drank the champagne and didn’t know what to do.

Gin Blossoms 3/4/2011- They played a private event that night at the theater. My husband accidentally touched the lead singer’s butt and I took a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts while Gavin and Chris watched.

Marina & The Diamonds 4/13/2011-Just a ridiculous night with ridiculous people.

Sleigh Bells & CSS 4/22/2011-AMAZING night of music. Packed house.

Rehearsal Dinner 5/6/2011- We had the rehearsal dinner at the Granada. Ray Wylie Hubbard, Deryl Dodd and John David Kent were on the bill that night. It was extra special because Ray and John were both groomsmen in our wedding.

Wedding 5/7/2011- The day we got married. Dawes were playing at the Granada that night and Taylor, the lead singer agreed to come sing during our ceremony. The night was perfect and was filled with tons of musicians, media friends and the people we care most about in this whole entire world.

The Granada’s 7th Anniversary Party 10/6/2011-Too many fun moments to talk about but I think all of our photos do it justice.

Randolph & The Family Band and The Sheepdogs 10/26/2011- Finally getting to see see them.

There are so many more fun times, but these were just some to name a few.
I want to thank EVERYONE who I’ve worked with either at the Granada or our partners.
You have made my time here unforgettable and I cannot put into words my appreciation to you all.
Here are some of those people….I apologize if I’ve missed you, but there are too many to count!

Mike Schoder, Julia Garton, Mike Schwedler, Nate Binford, Youmans, Lisa Endicott, Chris McDonald, Jencey Hirrunrusme, Angie Phillips, Helen Eaton, Ryan Henry, Gavin Mulloy, Cody Lee, Keith McPhail, Julie Garcia, Brad Ehney, Courtney Paris, Jamie Cohen and the countless number of interns-Nikki, Trang, Ashton, LaBarba, Eric (and so many more) we have had. Not to mention the theater folk- Bill Ellison, Gee, Wes, Patrick Stark, Tim Ziegeler, Julie Reinagel, Laurie Sawyer and all the other bar staff. Then all of our partners and especially those I worked with on a daily basis: Mike Orren, Kelly Dearmore, Nico Martini, Angie Carpenter, Dana Driver, Dawn Burkes, Mario Tarradell, Jennifer Robinson, Hunter Hauk, Candace Cantrell, Maddie Grussendorf, Joshua Jones, Chuck Taylor, Lisa Hooks, Brett Dillon, Laura Stillo :), Gus Samuelson, Alan Tompkins, RJ Flowers, Mark Schectman, David Ireland, Dave Sonefeld, George Dunham, Janice McCall, Marci Parrish, Shane Williams, Austin Terrill, Scott Long, Sarah Blaskovich, Sarah Jane Semrad, Jeff Giddens, Tony Spiro, Sheri Coever, Colleen Morgan, Gary Cogill, Gila Espinoza, Anne Bothwell, Kyle Kearby, and the hundreds of musicians, managers, agents and publicists I have had the honor to work with.

This is Kimberly Jones, saying goodbye to my time at The Granada Theater and I leave you with this Ode.

My Ode To The Granada Theater……

The Granada Theater will always hold a special place in my heart,
Especially because I’ve been here, since the promo team originally got its start.
There have been more laughs, amazing nights of music & memories galore,
And I cannot believe that today is my last day forever more.
It seems like only yesterday I was interviewing with Mike & CD World was just up the street,
Now 4.5 years & 895 concerts later, I cannot help but know, that as a person, I’m so much more complete.
The theater has become like a second home to me, my go to place when I need a night of fun,
But now the time is here where I must say goodbye, reflect on the memories I’ve had & here are just some.

From packing the theater, reaching capacity & celebrating a ton of sellouts,
To those other shows that needed an extra push & some bonus shout-outs.
Then there was that Crystal Castles fiasco that was handled with such kindness & ease,
But also put the word on the street that you don’t want to F with Mike Schoder, I mean please.
I will never forget the Granada’s famous tacos, the Kale talks and convos about the Green Juice,
But even though I like to be healthy, at shows, I still like to have my soda water & Grey Goose.

The introduction of the twitter wall & allowing people to freely express themselves while drinking,
Often had us saying to ourselves….what the heck were we thinking?
Some of my favorite shows-The Avett Brothers, Imogen Heap & Sleigh Bells are just to name a few,
But the most special night for me, was having the wedding rehearsal at the theater with all of my crew.
Not only did the Granada teach me more about bands, patience & how to love music & life,
But because of the bromance between Mike & Josh, it also introduced me to my husband & made me a wife.

I will never forget about the ridiculousness & continuous craziness of the office on Martel,
How the gate barely opens, the kitchen once caught on fire & everyday there was a different smell.
But thanks to Schwedler’s incense, the occasional scented candle & re-heating of leftover spaghetti,
We are able to unplug our noses, laugh it off & stay focused & steady.
I can now tell you the sound of everyone’s footsteps as they either creep up or haul ass down the stairs,
And am still shocked daily by the largest collection of office chairs.

I always know that when Mike enters a room, chances are he will being wearing one of his pearl snaps,
And will most likely welcome you with a Rock On sign, a fist bump or one of his famous high five claps.
Winning Best Live Music Venue and Best Booking were some of the top moments I’ve had here,
But awards aside, the feeling that I’m a part of something greater, will be what I will hold most dear.

The priceless laughs, the hugs, the sarcastic remarks & the fun filled days are always ours to share,
Mike & Julia I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to be a part of this family & showing me so much love& care.

Kimberly Jones

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