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In 2009, Fort Worth darlings Black Tie Dynasty decided to throw in the towel as the maturing band acquired different musical tastes and decided to pursue different projects. Besides the 2010 reunion shows, Black Tie Dynasty was no more and had no plans to record any new material in the near future.

At a rehearsal for a 2010 reunion show, vocalist and guitarist Cory Watson and keyboardist Brian McCorquodale started jamming on an idea Watson was mulling over. In the coming weeks the two started working together and Watson’s inspiring riff was turned into their first song, “The Inventor.” That day, Mon Julien was born.

While Mon Julien is still in the pre-natal years of their formation, the band is already poised to impress the North Texas music scene. Initially set as studio project between Watson and McCorquodale, the band wondered how the music would be translated into a live show. I think they might have the live show covered.

Mon Julien’s live line up will feature Mckenzie Smith of Midlake on drums, Mark Pirro of Tripping Daisy on bass and Dylan Silvers of the mind-blowingly awesome Preteen Zenith on guitar.  Like I said, Mon Julien is poised to impress.

Mon Julien can almost be hailed as a DFW super group…DFW super group, sounds kind of weird right?

Mon Julien are slated to have their live debut and record release Saturday, January 14, 2012 at the Granada Theater with Burning Hotels, Air Review and Menkena

Mon Julien – Darkest Hour from shampoo on Vimeo.


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