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If you didn’t already know, Fun Fun Fun Fest was this past weekend and if I didn’t know any better I would of thought Ryan Gosling was a headliner and Glenn Stefani really wanted his french onion soup. The Gos’ was everywhere throwing his fists up and hanging out with all your favorite bands trying to be the alt’est human alive.  Wont lie, I acted like a school girl when I saw him.

Enough of that, lets get to the music. From old favorites like Slayer and Public Enemy to some of the most buzzed about bands in indie, Fun Fun Fun brought the mothafuckin’ noise and rained blood all over thousands of dust ridden festival goers. Who were my favorites? Or what sets was I sober enough for? Did I get my french onion soup? No. I had tortilla.

Fun Fun Fun Fest Favorites

M83- Wow, That’s all I have to say. As ambitious as their latest effort, “Hurry Up We’re Dreaming,” was one would expect the same out of the live show and it lived up to all my expectations. Anthony Gonzalez is truly a master of his craft and knows how to write beautiful songs that have inflections of 80’s cinema. The nostalgic sound to M83’s work is the base for almost all their songs. While some songs like “Coulers” have the ability to sound like a more upbeat Air song they also bring it back with the ultra nostalgic and dance floor favorite “Midnight City.” I was more than impressed with this set and loved every second of it. Easily my favorite band of the weekend.

Girls-Girls’ set at Fun Fun Fun Fest was a landmark in their career. Anyone who was able to catch the set saw Girls transform themselves into a more mature and serious band. Girls mostly played songs from their latest album Father, Son, Holy Ghost which turned out to be better live than on the album. At times you could hear Girls sound like Pink Floyd’s “Great Gig In The Sky” with vocal solos that resonated throughout the shores. This comes in a close second for me, if not tied M83.

Four Tet- Kieran Hebden or better known by his electronic moniker Four Tet played an amazing set on the FFF Blue Stage Friday night. He blazed through favorites from his debut album, “There is Love In You,” along with new favorites which featured collaborations with Thom Yorke. Hebden’s mix of 70’s beats and loft swells made for memorable set on a chilly Friday night.

Spoon FFF Nites Show- Alright, full disclosure, I am a huge in the closet Spoon fan, they could literally throw up on an album and I would still love it. Being said, here we go. When I showed up to ND 501 my initial thoughts were, “Woah, WTF, why is it so empty?” For a show billed as free Spoon show, one would expect everyone is Austin would be there. No apparently they didn’t care. I did though. Song after song Spoon delved into their catalog turning out old favorites like “I Turn My Camera On” to “My Mathematical Mind.” Easily one of the best Spoon shows I have ever seen, I never stopped dancing and singing once throughout the set.

Black Lips- How can you not enjoy a Black Lips show? They puke, they drink, they light shit on fire. All of my favorite activities summed up into one show. While I hate that FFF has insanely short sets, Black Lips made the most of it a drove through their catalog that kept the crowd wild and moving till the very end.

Major Lazer- If I hear “MAJOR LAZER” and “AUSTIN TX” in the same sentence one more time, I might just scream.

Other Notable Acts: Lykee Li, Austra, Purity Ring, Grimes, Ty Segall, Tune Yards

Favorite Moments

Glenn Danzig trying to entice a riot over French Onion Soup

Sexy Sax Man

Donald Glover trying to establish himself as a hip hop artist and not a comedian

The Slayer Dog from Frank’s Hot Dogs

Slayer being Slayer

A FFF wedding led by Henry Rollins

Dust. Lots of  dust. Accompanied by black boogys

ALL THE FUN! See what I did there?


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