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It’s a given that I love Girls, and not just in regards to the ever-so charming gender.

The San Francisco based band, which is defined by frontman and ex-Children of God cult-member Christopher Owens, brought their delightfully sun-kissed melodic, ‘50s infused rock’n’roll musical vibes to Austin, TX this weekend and conquered the fourth annual installment of Fun Fun Fun Fest.

According to Spin Magazine’s article The 12 Best Sets at Austin’s 2011 Fun Fun Fun Fest, Girls played perhaps their biggest show to date, and seized the crowd with songs such as “Honey Bunny,” “Die,” and “Vomit” from their relatively new, second album Father, Son, Holy Ghost.  Despite the uncomfortable amount of dust that plagued the air of the festival, the five piece lineup put on a killer set with their accompanying three-woman backing chorale, and walked off of the stage as though they were “dynamic and majestic” royal figures.


Here’s a decent video of them performing “Honey Bunny” at the fest:


This is definitely a band that is not only worth investing time and interest in, but funds as well. I hardly purchase music as it is (thank god for YouTube and Spotify), but Father, Son, Holy Ghost, which is arguably one of the best albums released this year, is well worth the buy.

Now this isn’t my pathetic attempt at a sales pitch, I’m truly addicted to this album in its entirety, and I feel as though everyone needs to bask in its greatness with me. Don’t trust my word? Well, you should check out Pitchfork’s near flawless review of the album here. It’s also frequently listed on Good Records’ weekly Top 20 in sales.

Another good performance to end on: Girls performing “Vomit” at The Bowery Ballroom in NYC.


So go on, dip your toes in the pool, drink the kool-aid, jump off the cliff along with everyone else and give it a try!


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