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Hey Internet, I’m back, long time no see.

If you’re as big of dungeons and dragons fantasy football dork as I am, you have probably been engrossed in stats sheets and trying to figure out why in the world someone with the nickname CJ2K can’t manage to live up to his name or if the Buffalo Bills are as legit as they seem to be. Who do I hate? Who do I love? Why is everyone hurt all the time? Is Aaron Rodgers the ultimate champion? After all, he does have the coolest touchdown dance. Discount Double Check!

See what I did there? Now Statefarm needs to pay up.

Alright, Here are my NFL 2011 Midseason awards:

Best Quarterback & MVP: Aaron Rodgers. This is an absolute no brainer. He has molded himself into the best quarterback in the league. If your grandmother was a wide reciever for the Greenbay Packers, Rodgers could find her in the endzone. Also on another note, the Packers have almost no running game and it doesn’t matter at all. In Aaron Rodgers we trust. Green Bay is 7-0 and Rodgers leads the league with 20 touchdowns, and has been picked off just twice. Discount Double Checkin all day.

Best Defense: Ravens. I love the Ravens defense. If there is one time team that can stop the run it’s the Baltimore Ravens. I mean it’s Ray Rice and Terrell Suggs. They just need to get that whole Flacco thing working out for them.

Best Defensive Player: SUH ALL DAY

Rookie of the Year: Cam Newton. Cam Newton became the first rookie quarterback to throw for over 400 yards in his first career start and he is not stopping anytime soon. Now all the Panthers need to do is build a team around him to get some W’s.

Biggest Team Surprise: The effin San Francisco 49ers. Who saw this coming? Jim harbaugh has turned this team around into a playoff caliber team. Alex Smith is looking more like Eli Manning and not himself. Frank Gore is looking unstoppable, Gore just keeps on going. Look for the Niners to make a huge playoff push this year.

Best Player Surprise: Fred Jackson. Who saw this one coming? People picked Mark Ingram in their fantasy draft before they ever gave this guy a nod. He is a rushing TD machine and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon. Jackson is 30 and is totaling 132 rushing attempts for 721 yards and 6 touchdowns. Awesome.

Best Coach: Chan Gailey. This guy is the man, he turned the Buffalo Bills into a winning team. I am drinking the Bills Kool-Ade and I am not stopping anytime soon.

Biggest Flop: Chris Johnson. Who is this guy. I wish I could cash out for nothing. Ever since he got that big paycheck, Chris Johnson has been somewhat horrible. Through seven games, Johnson has 107 carries for only a mere 302 rushing yards and a single touchdown…. I wish you never happened to my fantasy football team.

Worst Coach: Tony Sparano. How is he not fired yet? This is the worse I have ever seen the Fins and I didn’t think they could get any worse. Suck for Luck boys.

My favorite loosing team: Indy. I think it’s hilarious that this team looses Peyton Manning and the whole team falls apart. Just imagine if New England lost Brady.

Biggest Disappointment: The Dallas Cowboys. Enough said.

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