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It’s time for round 2!

Last time Denton-based singer/songwriter Sarah Jaffe made her way to Granada Theater it became abundantly clear that she was a force to be reckoned with.  Her fun loving energy combined with her folksy groove illuminate the room, commanding the attention of everyone in it.  Joining her on stage last September to showcase her first full-length album Suburban Nature was Centro-matic’s Scott Danbom on keys, Pleasant Grove’s Jeff Ryan on drums, The Crash That Took Me’s Becki Howard on violin and Robert Gomez on guitar.  A combination of artists which proved to exemplify her meditative sound with its new age influences and folk roots.

Being sold out you would assume things would have gotten rowdy within the Granada walls, instead she had the eyes and ears of the entire room anticipating the next hushed verse.  Especially for her encore when she admitted to feeling like a bit of a creep and following it up with a Radiohead cover of ‘Creep’.  She made sure to make this a moment to remember, telling the crowd to youtube her performance.



Last year’s show was so noteworthy it was written about by most local publications.  The Dallas Observer called the encore ‘the highlight of the night’, ‘The crowd, in what had to have been the least surprising turn of the night, ate it all up with glee, even singing along with Jaffe.’  Pegasus News described it as ‘an enchanting show with very talented local musicians. The comfort and warmth that was shared from Jaffe to the fans isn’t felt at a sold-out show anymore.’

So if you missed her last show you are in luck, Saturday, November 12th is your chance for redemption.  Granada will be opening their doors at 7pm with The O’s kicking off before Sarah Jaffe, and Rhett Miller closing down the stage after.


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