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There is a lot more to Halloween than just free candy. There are also some amazing carved pumpkins (even ones that look like the death star), funny costumes, and loads and really cool/scary lawn decorations.

If you haven’t seen the LMFAO house, you’re missing out. All of its lights are set up to flash to Party Rock Anthem:

Apparently they do this every year. Past songs have included Thriller and Monster Mash among others.

And these pumpkins featured in Rolling Stone look remarkably similar to famous rock stars.

Sometimes musicians even dress up as other musicians. Once Pearl Jam dressed up as Devo, Deer Tick dressed up as the Sex Pistols, and Kurt Cobain dressed up as Barney. To be honest, it blows my mind that Kurt Cobain and Barney even overlapped on the pop-culture timeline.

You can even dress up as your favorite musician for Halloween. This guide from eHow gives a few examples like Siouxsie Sioux, Billy Idol, and The Ramones. Just make sure to really draw on the eyebrows for a Siouxsie costume, or else you might be mistaken for David Bowie as I know from experience.

Bjork, The Misfits, Alice Cooper, and other easily identifiable bands and musicians also make for good costumes. All you need is a black wig, a swan dress, and some eye makeup to end up looking like any of the above. Okay, okay. Maybe you could carry a rubber chicken around if you dress up as Alice and get your friends to follow you while chanting “We’re not worthy”!

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