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3524 Greenville Ave Dallas, TX 75206

As many of you may know, the Granada’s owner Mike Schoder is opening a new restaurant and beer garden in the building that once housed the M Street Bar. However, some may not remember the history of the building that will soon house Sundown at Granada. A few businesses have actually passed through the location over the years, some lasting longer and gaining more popularity and positive reviews than others.

After Mike’s Treehouse closed in 2004, Little Havana took up the space. From what I gather, it was known as an overpriced Cuban restaurant that was called out as inauthentic in online customer reviews.

By 2007, M Street Bar set up shop and was quickly denounced as a college hangout that was known for turning the other cheek to underage students. That is until June of this year when the M Street Bar closed down halfway through the summer, giving way to Schoder’s new concept restaurant.

Sundown at Granada is expected to open before the end of 2011 with a casual American style menu designed by the Granada’s house chef, Patrick Stark. Not only will the new location allow Chef Stark more creative freedom, but it will also serve as a location for concert goers to grab a bite before concerts or attend after-parties once the live music is over for the evening.

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