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Are you totally stoked for Fun Fun Fun Fest? Are you going to be playing air guitar all Sunday getting ready for Slayer? What about shaking those hips to the Granada Theater favorite Neon Indian? What about riding the Cirque de Soleil waves to M83? I will be doing both of those things and more.

However, I know their is sad amount of people who will be unable to attend. All is not lost though. We here ate the Granada Theater are doing our best job to bring a little bit of Fun Fun Fun Fest to those of you who won’t be able to attend or just want to get a little taste of the fest before you go.

Mates Of State @ the Granada Theater, Wed. 11/2/11 (FFF on Sun.)

The Granada Theater veterans Mates of State, who are touring in support of their new album Mountaintops. The long time husband and wife duo of Jason Hammel and Kori Gardner are still pounding out joyous pop tracks with mostly just an organ and drums to create exactly what you love after a decade of being together. Compared to the duo’s last release Re-Arrange Us, Mountaintops is a move in a direction that harnesses the bands eclipsing pop sound to bring us a new view on who Mates of State are now. “Maracas” is a great example of what Mountaintops has to offer. The punching, dirty synth sound which crafts itself into one of the most irresistible pop songs of the season.

Ra Ra Riot @ the Granada Theater, Thu. 11/3/11 (FFF on Sat.)

The Granada Theater are happy to announce that Ra Ra Riot will be returning on Thursday 11/3/11 with the very awesome Delicate Steve and Yellow Ostrich. Ra Ra Riot are touring in support of their 2010 album The Orchard. Ra Ra Riot are an easy band to fall in love with. The lush sounds of afro-beat guitar lines and warm string sections make Ra Ra Riot one of the most talented bands around. Their craft of chamber pop comes out beautifully in their debut The Rhumb Line, but in 2010’s The Orchard is where they really seal the deal. From up-tempo offbeat bass on “Boy” to “You and I Know”‘s gorgeous vocals by cellist Alexandra Lawn, Riot does nothing to disappoint on their sophomore release.


Other notables:

We Were Promised Jetpacks, Saturday Nov. 5 at Trees

Purity Ring, Monday Nov. 7 at Club DaDa

Cloud Nothings, Tuesday Nov. 3 at the Canton Co-Op

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