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One look at the Baseball Almanac and you see two solid decades of domination by mega  financed giant teams from the East Coast.  The Yankees and the Red Sox have made a routine of the show for longer than Jimmy Johnson has taken NASCAR for a ride.  No more!  The rise of the Texas Ranger’s new adversary, the Saint Louis Cards marks a new view for the greatest show in world.  While this is only the second time we see the Rangers taking the American League, it’s important to remember they have only been trying since 1971, not 1903 when the series started and they did it in  back to back fashion.  So get your hot dogs ready, fill the chip bowl and drown the cooler with ice because this party is just getting started.  We have Nolan singing a new praise and Ron dancing in the dug out so all us fans need go to cheer them on, GO RANGERS!



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