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They’re baaaaaaack! When They Might Be Giants is mentioned in a conversation, one can’t help but start humming (or screaming) “You’re not the boss of me now, you’re not the boss of me now,” that theme song of Malcolm in the Middle that brings us back to the early 2000s. With 14 albums and the most recent July-released Join Us, They Might Be Giants, also shortened as TMBG, is nothing but prolific.

Started by John Flansburgh and John Linnell in New York in 1981, TMBG have gone from performing around smaller venues in New York with two members and a drum machine to expanding into a 5 person band including Marty Beller, Danny Weinkauf, and Dan Miller. Signing onto Bar/None Records for their Self-Titled debut, they’ve since moved onto Elektra Records, eMusic, Restless Records, produced 4 children’s albums (precious ain’t it) and recently released Join Us off of Idlewild/Rounder Records.

TMBG’s avant-garde music and lyrics tie together to make the “strange” yet “always original” sounds that made them alternative rock heroes starting from 25 years back.When reading critic reviews, keywords of “clever,” “catchy,” and “original” are what is seen repeatedly throughout descriptions of TMBG’s albums. The original, antisocial archetypes lyrics of TMBG accompanied by the cheery but eerie juxtaposition of tunes is what the band is: making uncool probably the coolest thing that you’ll ever see.

Being around for almost a quarter of a century (woah), their Dial-A-Phone experiment and low-budget videos help launch them into their own entity and world. Working their way through one certified platinum record, a certified gold for children’s music, and two Grammy awards, watching TMBG through these years underline their flexibility yet originality all the same.

Their live shows are everything that you’d expect. A mesh of nonsense that will make the most sense after you experience. Does this even make sense?

They’ll be here at Granada Theater on Thursday, February 2nd. Our first 2012 show…so far. Come hang with us that night and stare in confusion and amazement. Meanwhile, check out an awesome in-studio with them and 16 people. Great, fun, fantastic.

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