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How about them Cowboys Rangers? Congratulations to the Rangers on beating the Tampa Bay Rays and moving on the ALCS.

Now lets move on to the reason we are all here. FOOTBALL. God bless it.

How about last week? Saw two NFC juggernauts give up giant leads and saw the Buffalo Bills finally get there first L. Vick said the dream team is over but, I highly doubt that. Cowboys are still the same ole Cowboys, but you know what? They showed early on in the game that there is a formula to beating the undefeated Detroit Lions. Score fast and then move to the ground and pound game to decrease turnovers and eat up the clock. Simple as that. Still the Cowboys don’t get it. That being said, week 4 is behind us, lets look to week 5 see what surprises we have in store for us on Sunday.

1  o’ clock games

Eagles @ Bills: All across the board the stats are weighing in heavy favor of the Bills for this game. Bills running back Fred Jackson should have huge game seeing that the Eagles secondary is having a hard time stopping the run. Although, last weeks loss was a stinger in the side of the Eagles organization. I really don’t see Andy Reid and Michael Vick letting this one slip away from them.

Prediction: Eagles

Chiefs @ Colts: What a match up. Not. At least one of these teams has to win. Indy has way too many woes this season with key secondary injuries and the loss of Peyton Manning. Harsh reality in Indy. Matt Cassel is starting to look like he’s getting his ish together with the offense and this should be the game were Dexter McCluster picks up where Jammal Charles left off.

Prediction: Chiefs

Cardinals @ Vikings: What is this? Losers weekend? The Vikings just can’t seem to get it together. Both the Arizona Cardinals and the Minnesota Vikings are teams that were ill effected by the lock out. Kevin Kolb hasn’t had adequate time to utilize all of his options yet but, I think this is the game where he will really thrive. Also, Beanie Wells, wow, he’s looking like a beast these days, 321 yards and 5 TD’s? A fantasy god send. Not so fast though, McNabb is fighting for his job on Sunday. Expect a shootout.

Prediction: Cardinals

Seahawks @ Giants: Easy pick. Do the math. Giants

Titans @ Steelers: The injury bug has bit down hard on the Steelers, expect them to limp around the field on this one. Matt Hasslebeck isn’t looking like the Hasselbeck of old lately and I honestly think it’s going to stay like that. The return of the Titans starting full back means that Chris Johnson will have his lead blocker back. Johnson finally hit over 100 yards last week, look for him to knock off some more rust and do the same this week. Sorry big Ben.

Prediction: Titans

Saints @ Panthers: I smell an upset in the making. I don’t like to bet against Drew Brees and the Saints but, Im going to have to take Carolina in this one. Cam Newton has been nothing short of amazing this season and the Saints have had the hardest time on defense. If the Saints offense wasn’t so good they would of lost more games by now.

Prediction: Panthers

Bengals @ Jaguars: Sheesh more bad matchups. Bengals

Raiders @ Texans: This is going to be the running back duel of the season. Darren McFadden vs. Arian Foster, who will win? With Andre Johnson out this Texans team is going to be up against a huge challenge. The Texans are going to put the weight of the game on Arian Foster’s shoulders on this one. Here’s the catch, Oakland’s secondary can’t stop the run. This is why I give the Texans a competitive edge in this one.

Prediction: Texans

4 o’ clock games

Buccaneers @ 49ers: I really believe that the Niners are starting to get things together this year. Alex Smith looks like he has learned a lot from Jim Harbaugh. That being said, Tampa Bay’s defense had looked awful against the pass. If Frank Gore can match his output this week and Vernon Davis can keep getting open then the Niners are poised to move to 4-1.

Prediction: 49ers

Chargers @ Broncos: Easy. Chargers. If Aaron Rodgers can tear apart the Broncos then Philip Rivers can match at least half that. Bring on Tebow!

Jets @ Patriots: This is a throw up honestly. Jets/Pats games are always entertaining. After the Jets loss last week Rex Ryan looked embarrassed. I still don’t think the Jets have the pieces together to pull of this win. Tom Brady is immortal and is firing on all cylinders. Wes Welker will obviously be on Revis island all day and that being said, the Jets have struggled to pressure the quarter back and tight ends.  Lets see if the Jets can put up a fight in this one.

Prediction: Patriots

Packers @ Falcons: Trap game alert. Just kidding. Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers are the best team in the NFL. I think they will move to 5-0 on this one.

Prediction: Packers

Bears @ Lions: This game all depends on defense. If the Bears defense can get to Stafford early then the Bears win. If the Lions defense can stop Bears running back Matt Forte then the Bears win. Simple as that. The Lions have only given up a 100+ yard game to a running back once this year and that was to Felix Jones last week. Matt Forte could shape up to have one hell of a game. What about Calvin Johnson? Megatron will be open all day and the Bears don’t have any weapon to stop him. The stats are weighted to heavily against Chicago on this one.

Prediction: Upset alert. Bears, I’m going to stir the pot on this one.


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