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Earlier this week, we conducted a sweet poll asking all you Foodies out there what were the best Tacos and Burgers. Could be an easy poll to tell us where we should eat for lunch that day, but we thought we’d make it memorable and let you in on the results.

Twisted Root Burger Co. wins by many votes. From the “Buffalo Burger with blue cheese and jalapenos,” to their “Blue Cheese Turkey Burger,” all this burger talk is making our mouths melt over at the office. Other ones not lagging behind, also notable places to check out, yo.

Taking it away are Fuel City Tacos, where you can grab a few tacos, sit on the hood of your cars and eat. Not making it to the top, Austin’s beloved Torchy’s Tacos got bumped out by Greenville’s Rusty Taco, Las Paisanitas, Good 2 Go Taco, Taqueria El Si Hay, and La Grange. Get a little bit of lime, squeeze that hot sauce on top, so much tacos, so much good.

Now can we all make a giant taco burger together? Watch out for more foodie adventures with us. We want to hear where you’re eating, too, let us know your thoughts!

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