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There’s a little thing in town known as the Dallas Observer Music Awards going on at the House of Blues on October 18th (the ceremony anyway, the party kicks off October 15th in Deep Ellum, where showcasing artists will be performing across that part of town) and we’ve been nominated for both Best Venue and Best Talent Buyer this year.


To help you out on who to choose, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 reasons why Granada Theater is the best venue in our good ol’ Dallas. Get ready for all fun and games.

10. Free Earplugs:

We know those speakers can get the party going, but we also want you coming back to hear more beautiful music. To protect that hearing of yours, we’ve provided complimentary earplugs near the Bar for you to grab a pair or five for you and your friends! Carin’ about ya.

9. Custom Gig Posters and free photos of the show!

Find our very own Bill Ellison at every show taking pictures of the artist, of you, of Granada. Killer photos of everyone having the time of their lives at Granada. Why so fun? In addition, we have custom posters made for every gig, since each show is its’ own special thing.

8. Yummy Food:

Getting all that grub in your stomach, it’s a tough life out there for a foodie. We never want you to go hungry, or eat things that aren’t melt-your-mouth delicious. Baja Tacos, Chuck Wagon Tagos, Roscoe Tacos, giant pizzas, nachos, cookies as big as your face: got it all. Specialty tacos made by our “Stark Raving Chef,” and graduate of Culinary Institute of America, Patrick Stark. Nothing to do but drool, and eat, and love.


7. Tiered sections (section in front are the lowest):

Getting the best spots, all the time. Our sections are tiered off, so all the shorties don’t need to worry.

6. Twitterfall:

Be famous for a little while. Tweet to your friends, to the whole house @granadatheater. A huge hit at our shows, we like seein’ what you think. Even if they’re about #fartbutt.

5. GvB Fest:

One of the highlights of the summer, Gorilla vs. Bear Fest had 9 different bands share our stage through the course of one hot summer night. Press reviews, an almost sold out crowd, and one rockin’ night later, we still can’t stop talking about it. Inaugural only means kickin’ off with a bang with this festival.

4. Cut Copy | Foals | Holy Ghost! | Naked & Famous:

A killer sold-out eclectic line-up, we were lined up for raging times. From when Yannis (lead singer of Foals) almost fell and broke a few bones from our balcony, to the killer screen-doors Cut Copy had alongside their beats, 4/20 was more than memorable for us that night.


3. Girl Talk for $7.11:

Gregg Gillis brought the house down that night. With our new AC that we’re ever so excited about, Girl Talk for $7.11 was the best deal of the summer. Sweat-filled house-packed Granada is how we like to do things sometimes. And all the more: toilet paper, balloons, confetti, celebration heaven.

2. Serenity (Best staff in town):

Our guys aren’t called Security but Serenity (see what we did there?). Providing the best service (we did win Best Security in Dallas Observer’s Best Of) someone could ask for, don’t be fooled with all the tough faces you see. We’re all about smiles around here and providing for you. Our staff makes the world go round!

1. 27 sold-out shows in 2011

All the reasons above and you great people who support us out there have made us have made 2011 one hell of a year. From Ottmar Leiber to Joe Ely to Little Feat to Brandi Carlisle to CSS/ Sleigh Bells to Cut Copy/Foals to Pete Yorn to OMD to The Walkmen to Colin Hay to Josh Ritter, these sold-out shows are a treasure for us.

Now that we’ve given you a reason or ten, GO VOTE FOR US! Voting closes on October 14th. YOU CAN VOTE ONLINE (we’re numbers 32 and 34), TEXT for you tech savvies, or even mail in a vote. For more on how to vote, go here.

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