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Sorry I was MIA last week. I was a little swamped with life. Fear no more, your NFL week by week picks are back. We have seen a world of surprises, injuries, and more injuries this season already. Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Bills? Are they the team of destiny? Is Cam Newton, John Elway reincarnate? Newton sure looks like he is. Matt Stafford is moving in all of his belongings to the top 10 QB house and sharing bunk beds with Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers these days. NFL, you know how to make one dramatic season.

Week 3 Picks & Predictions:

Houston at New Orleans

Pick: Houston. Although, this game is really a toss up, as is every game in the NFC south. Ben Tate is more than filling the shoes of Arian Foster right now and I think he will run right through the Saints weak secondary. Look for Andre Johnson to get tons of red zone shots.

New York Giants at Philly

Pick: Easy, Philly. Even though Vick is a little rattled from last week, he will still play. Vick wants to silence all the nay-sayers that say he can’t last a full season. The Eagles are going to be running max protection on Vick to make sure nothing happens to him. Watch for him to decimate the limping Giants secondary.

Jacksonville at Carolina

Pick: Panthers baby, Cam Newton is about to get his first win.

New England at Buffalo

Pick: Bills. Yes, I’m drinking the Kool-Aid. I really just want to see if the Bills can knock off the Pats and I honestly don’t think they will. Go Bills!

Miami at Cleavland

Pick: Sorry Cleavland, RB Daniel Thomas is healthy and poised to run all over your defense.

San Francisco at Cincy

Pick: What is this, the worst weekend for Ohio? Frank Gore is going to blast through that Bengals secondary and potentially put up his highest fantasy points for the year in this game.

Denver at Tennessee

Pick: Titans. The Broncos have way to many problems right now to put together a winning season. Start looking towards the 2012 Draft Denver.

Detroit at Minnesota

Pick: Detroit. This powerhouse is rolling and is putting together all of those years of top NFL Draft picks to use. Look for Matt Stafford to hook up with Calvin Johnson multiple times.

Baltimore at St. Louis

Pick: Baltimore. St. Louis has had a rough start to the season and its only looking to get worse.

NY Jets at Oakland

Pick: Upset alert. DA RAIDERS. I think Mark Sanchez and the rest of the Jets offense is all hype and no real production. The Raiders are the original NFL bullies and expect them to go hard against the Jets. Oh yeah, and Darren Mcfadden, He’s going to keep on running.

Kansas City at San Diego

Pick: San Diego. KC is the worst team in the NFL. Period.

Arizona at Seattle

Pick: Arizona. Seattle is pretty close to the second to worst team in the NFL

Atlanta at Tampa Bay

Pick: Atlanta. I love Matty Ice these days, He pulled that epic comeback against the Vick-less Eagles with that cannon of an arm. Tony Gonzalez is also the top TE in the league right now. That will probably change but if you saw any Sports Center from this week you would of saw the epic one arm catch. Win.

Green Bay at Chicago

Pick: Green Bay. Jay Cutler is on pace to get sacked 80 times this season. Enough Said.

Pittsburgh at Indy

I don’t need a pick for this.

Washington at Dallas

Pick: Cowboys. If you didn’t know by now, I love the Cowboys. However, I don’t know in this one. The Redskins were picked as my all time worst team and they are now 2-0. Why? I don’t know. Let’s see if the Cowboys can limp their way to victory this week.


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