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Let’s face it: it’s a lot more attractive to wear a shirt than no shirt (unless you’re David Bowie). Though recent demands have made the sleeveless shirts ever so popular, we gotta trace back on music history to find the real origin of this show-off-your-muscles (or lack thereof) trend.

Google searching “bands that wear tank tops” only result in band tank-tops for sale. Nonetheless, we’ve found some images to support this tank-top wearing phenomenon that has been in place since the 70’s. Cool since the beginning of time, big names like Bruce Springsteen, John Lennon, Bob Dylan have set a trend for some of our younger cohorts today.

Too cool for shirts, they’ve set the fashion agenda for the summer times today. Pitchfork and Coachella dress codes (and you betcha so many more festivals) have labeled tank tops and cut off jeans the way to go. And now, we’ve taken the time out to pick out one or two of DFW’s finest tank top wearin’ crowd.

Coming from not too far north, Sundress is a Denton band that you’ll be spotting all around town. No matter what the weather, don’t be surprised when you find these guys in their go-to apparel, shirts that are only 7/8 of its entity. Recently opening for Smith Westerns at Dada, they’ve also made their trek across town, as well as on the 2011 35 Conferette line-up. Tank toppin’ like rockstars.

And our favorite blonde-haired tank-wearing Granada Street Teamer, Evan Gordon. Summer time, winter time, goosebumps, don’t care. Play Where’s Waldo with him and try to spot his blonde locks at shows (with a tank-top) around town.

This post is open to more suggestions. If you have other artists that are trending the tank-top around town (or the country,) let us know in the comments below! We know the weather is cooling down, but it’s never too late to sport your own tank. Tank tops forever. (Raises fist.)

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