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If you missed Portugal. The Man at Granada on May 20, you’re probably still lamenting your misfortune. No need to worry, however, as we have a treat for you in the form of a full setlist, photos and live videos.  oh, and they play here again on Oct. 8th!

Chelsea Upton, blogger for the Dallas Observer, even had a few words to say on about the show:

“Not known for being talkative onstage, Portugal. The Man substituted the typical “How’re we feeling, Dallas?!” for seamless song transitions, effectively maintaining the carefully constructed psychedelic atmosphere. The onstage silence broke only when the band returned to the stage for their encore, insisting that they loved Texas just as much as Texas loved them.”
– Chelsea Upton, Dallas Observer

Dentoneer also posted a glowing review of the band:

“Few bands that I’ve seen live can get a large percentage of a mostly hipster crowd to dance. The late LCD Soundsystem was one of them, but Portugal. The Man has the same power, and for completely different reasons. At a PTM show, you’re not dancing because of infectious dance beats or anything like that, you’re moving because John Gourley’s voice is that of a beautiful golden angel of a human being.”
– Nathan, Dentoneer

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