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Today is the day we have all been waiting. It is only hours from now that the NFL will be kicking off the 2011-2012 season. With one of the craziest off seasons we have ever ever experienced filled with, lockouts, a week long free agent frenzy, crazy contracts, MULTI MILLION dollar contracts and more. This season is poised to be one of the most exciting seasons yet. Or do I only think it is exciting because the death of football was imminent earlier this summer and I then started filling up my time with things like baseball, magic the gathering and jump rope. Two of those were a joke. Figure out which one I was serious about. Anyways, lets just say, I am so excited for this season that I might pee my pants.

Week 1 is going to be one crazy Sunday. We have our inaugural game 1 tonight, New Orleans Saints vs. the defending champions Green Bay Packers. Go Saints, roll tide Mark Ingram. Is Arian Foster going to show up against the Manning-less Colts for their AFC South match up. He better, or else the Texans could loose out an easy win for their division. We also have a lackluster NFC East  match up between the hurting defense of the New York Giants and the hurting everything of the Washington Redskins.

Lets take a look at the week 1 Match ups-

New Orleans @ Green Bay

Wow, Breesus Christ vs. The Reigning Champ. This game is going to be a shoot out. Expect a lot of deep balls, a massive running back committee from New Orleans, and that unforgettable Packers defense to be key factors in the game tonight. Afterall, these are the last two Super Bowl winners, so this could be a peek at what the NFC Title game will look like.

Prediction: I like Green Bay in this game. They are a team that is a force to be reckoned with. Giant play makers on both sides of the ball with Aaron Rodgers at quarterback and the beast of a linebacker Clay Matthews. Although New Orleans, will put up a fight. Combined the teams averaged over 50 points. If you do anything tonight, watch this game.

Dallas @ New York

Watch out mom, we got some killer Rex vs. Rob sibling rivalry coming at you. Tony Romo will be back after his season ending collarbone injury he experienced in 2010. Romo is back to 100% and is looking like old Romo. Felix and Dez will be trying to prove themselves against a superb Jets defense.

Prediction: Cowboys. I’m a fan, maybe this is why I shouldn’t pick them. Hey, what can ya do.

Pittsburgh @ Baltimore

Defense, defense, oh my. This is going to be a low scoring defensive battle for both teams. Both the Steelers and the Ravens have some of the hardest hitting defenses in the league.

Prediction: Baltimore but, not by much. Ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs will lead the Ravens defense to greatness. Also, I’m excited to see how Ray Rice hits the running game for the Ravens and how ex-Bills wide out Lee Evans will do.

Atlanta @ Chicago

Prediction: Yes, prediction without commentary. The Atlanta Falcons are going to win this one easy. Expect Matty Ice to go to the air countless times for Roddy White and Julio Jones. Atlanta is getting better and better every season and Matt Ryan wants to lead his team to a Super Bowl this year. Also,  the addition of defensive end Ray Edwards will likely be making Jay Cutler’s life a tab miserable.

Giants @ Washington

A good ole fashion NFC East match up. We have the “elite” Eli Manning vs. the rather awful Rex Grossman. If bad Rex shows up, which he always does, the Giants should have this one in the bag. Even though, the Giants secondary has been severly cripled, you have to remember they are playing the not so awesome Washington Redskins.

Prediction: Giants with a blow out, I have a feeling this will look more like a preseason game. The Skins have way too many problems right now. Watch out for Redskins running back Tim Hightower. Lets see if he can live up to all the hype.

New England @ Miami

Tom Brady vs. All of Miami. That’s all

Bengals @ Browns

I see many top draft picks in both of these teams futures for the years to come. Two of the worst teams in the league right now. Actually I don’t think the Browns are as bad as they used to be but there not exponentially better.

Prediction: Browns by a long shot. Colt McCoy will have an explosive offensive game Sunday, completing over 75% of his passes. Oh yeah, the Madden cursed Peyton Hillis will have over 100 rushing yards, easy.

Indy @ Houston

Prediction: I refuse to pick a Manning-less Colts team. Manning is the heart and soul of the Indianapolis Colts. I think without Manning the whole team suffers. The Texans will win this, with or without Arian Foster.

Tennessee @ Jaguars

MJD vs. CJ2K is the only reason I want to watch this match up. I want to see if Johnson will have his explosive running game and if Jones-Drew will blow his leg out for good. 

Prediction: Titans to win. No way rookie Blaine Gabbert will lead the Jags to victory on this one. Kenny Britt will be going full steam ahead behind a veteran big arm in Matt Hasslebeck. Also, Chris Johnson has historically matched up very well against the Jags defense. Lets see if CJ2k can earn his CJ13.4.

Buffalo @ Kansas City

Two words, Jammal Charles. Kanasa City is going to rip through the Bills secondary.

Philly @ St. Louis

God. I smell a blow out. And no, not by the Rams. LeSean-athon all day backed by Vick.

Detroit @ Tampa Bay

I wouldn’t of said this two years ago, but I am very excited to see this game. Matthew Stafford is back and healthy. He has a beast of a wide out in Calvin Johnson and Nate Burlseon. Lions secondary is led by the powerful Ndamukong Suh. This game is going to be full of young talent. Tampa Bay’s Josh Freeman is sure to shine alongside running back LaGarrette Blount.

Prediction: Lions to pull the upset

Oakland @ Denver

Raiders to win by a very large margin. Look out for Jacoby Ford and Darren McFadden. No, Terrelle Pryor won’t be playing. Tebow might though.

Panthers @ Cardinals 

Cardinals all the way. Kevin Kolb will match up nicely against Larry Fitzgerald. We should also see how good Beanie Wells will actually be. Im thinking he will be very good. Cam Newtons winning streak will finally come to an end in his first preseason game.

Minnesota @ San Diego

Ha. San Diego will blow out the vikes.

Seattle @ San Francisco

Two QB-less teams. At least, the Niners know how to deal with having a sub par quarterback. Also, they have Frank Gore. This easy for me. Go Niners.