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Com Truise, not to be confused with the man who once jumped on Wprah Oinfrey’s couch professing mad love for Hatie Kolmes, is one of the many alter-egos created by Upstate New Yorker/producer-designer Seth Haley. Operating out of an “overrun” 12-foot apartment in Princeton, New Jersey, Haley has been around the DJ scene for roughly a decade spinning and recently creating and releasing music. Just this year he’s made three releases through label Ghostly International including July’s ‘Galactic Melt’ LP, said to have been produced in his bedroom.

Haley’s music, indirectly inspired by his parents’ record collection growing up, makes us feel like we’re cruising in an F-14  Top Gun-style to a modern mid-fi remaster of Tsukerman’s Liquid Sky soundtrack (or the synthesizer sounds that usually accompanied a brooding Molly Ringwald). Whatever it is,  Com Truise’s prerogative is not meant to be spot-on nostalgic but rather a modern re-calibrated revival of 80s new wave and pop greats.

That’s why it’s no surprise that this synth-wave scientist will be touring this fall with Active Child then making his way to Granada Theater on September 24 to open for Neon Indian.

Visit Com Truise’s Facebook for the low-down and/or follow them on Twitter or check the videos below for “Cathode Girls,” off of the album ‘Galactic Melt’ and the visually stunning 80s music video mash-up for the song “Dreambender.”‘

Com Truise :: Cathode Girls

Com Truise :: Dreambender

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