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Many kind words and good reviews were given regarding July’s first ever Gorilla vs. Bear Festival. The Dallas Observer, Pegasus News, and many other outlets provided well appreciated content, and You + Dallas even released two cool videos about the festival. If you haven’t discovered what would actually happen if a real gorilla and bear got into a fight, you’ll have to check their videos posted below.

So, what is everyone saying about Gorilla vs. Bear Fest?

“Short but sweet sets from a mostly regional sampling of bands featured on the blog made for smooth transitions between acts. It also helped that Denton’s Dreamed, Grimes and Julianna Barwick featured little more than a keyboard and a vocal microphone. Minimalism, in some ways, was the order of the night.”

– Daniel Hopkins, Dallas Observer

“The founder of the Texas blog, Chris Cantalini, booked a diverse lineup of bands he’s got his eye on, including Shabazz Palaces, Pure X, and Preteen Zenith. Cantalini also showed some love for the home state, bringing in Austin’s White Denim and Sunset, and Denton’s Dreamed.”

– Brenna Rushing, Pegasus News.

“YouPlusDallas would like to extend a major thanks to the Granada Theater staff for their hospitality, White Denim for the use of their recorded track in our video and Chris Cantalini for his creative genius.”

You Plus Dallas

What would actually happen if a bear and gorilla got into a fight?

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