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Are you as excited as we are about Neon Indian, Junior Boys, The Rapture, and Battles coming up at the Granada? Then you should take advantage of the “Like A Boss” Four Show Pass.

So what are the benefits? How about a ticket to all four concerts, your own VIP section with other BOSSES, and a chance to win tickets to Fun Fun Fun Fest 2011 in Austin, Panda Bear, and the Naked and Famous. With only 50 passes, your chances are high!  You’ll also get a limited edition silkscreen poster, a LIKE A BOSS t-shirt, and free food by the one and only Chef Patrick Stark at one show of your choice.

Unfortunately, this special edition package is limited to only 50 serious music fans for $80 each. However, this pass gives each BOSS a 1 in 50 chance of winning free tickets to other Granada concerts. Plus all the free swag makes this deal a real steal!



Print em. post em. photo em. post the pics on our page. best one wins a BOSS PASS.

Buy your LIKE A BOSS pass today before they sell out. Then check out these videos by all four bands coming up this Fall.

Neon Indian 9/24/11

Junior Boys 9/28/11

The Rapture 10/11/11

Battles 10/22/11

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