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Alright everybody we are still going with your Top 5 Favorite Bands. Today’s post is from zookeeper, beard lover and folkwaver Heather Gibson. Her post is the opposite of boring. If you would like to featured on our blog, you can e-mail your Top 5 Faves to

So, when I saw the challenge for fans top five bands, I had a bit of a panic attack. Five???? Really???? Just five!?!?! Well, I figured I’d step up to the plate and see what I could do. I stepped away from the computer, ipod, ipad, droid, car stereo and sat in silence for an entire day. The bands that I couldn’t stop thinking about or wanting to listen to, those became my top five. Now, does that mean that after I write this, I won’t go “oh, crap…this band should have been on there….” Of course I will! But, well, here ya go. My current top five bands after a day of music silence.

Monsters of Folk

Jim James (or Yim Yames which is the name he currently goes by), Conor Oberst, M. Ward and Mike Mogis, musical gods who took the time to leave their collective projects and put together one of the greatest musical collaborations. It’s hard not to respect the names, even if you aren’t a fan of the music genre. But when you are a fan of indie folk, these four men can bring tears to a grown man/woman’s eyes.
Their harmonizing, the way they carry each other through the songs. Even forming a band you can hear the individual talents shine through. No one really gets lost in this band.

Iron and Wine

Oh Sam Beam, how I do love thy beard! But that voice. You make me weak in the knees. Thinking that no man could have vocals as perfect as his, I was blown away seeing him live. He sounds just like he came from a produced recording. Once you see him live, the music means even more. He’s got the stage presence that makes you feel you’re the only one in the room. Is he telling a joke??? Clearly, he’s my new best friend!

Avett Brothers

I find myself going back to this band all the time. I hum their songs day and night. I randomly chose to go see them when I lived in FL. Since that first myspace stalking, I have had a soft spot for them. I’ve converted my friends to their music. I’ve converted my father to their music! It’s a fun blend of old time bluegrass and modern rock. You can tap your toes one minute, then find yourself lost in their ballads. Yet, everything they record seems like something you can relate to. The live show….oh the energy! You can’t help but want to stomp your feet and get lost in the old style jam session, even if
each nights show is almost identical to the night before!

Bon Iver

Okay, honestly, I have no idea what his lyrics are until I spend hours researching them. He’s not screaming them, maybe he’s mumbling them, I don’t know. Whatever the reason, I always have to fight to figure out the words. But every second of that fight is worth it. The music alone can captivate me. But, the lyrics help me lose myself. After a
long day at work, sometimes all I need is a beer and Bon Iver to make me feel human again.

TV on the Radio

I started listening to these guys when I heard Wolf Like Me on Guitar Hero. Yup, I’m that fan….Anyhoo, who cares how you start listening. These guys were totally worth the time I took to really get to know them! The songs have energy without making you feel rushed. You can relate to the lyrics. I find myself singing the lyrics at work. They make me want to dance. I can’t wait to see them live. So fun, and every time I hear Wolf Like Me, I find myself craving Guitar Hero like a addict going through withdrawl.

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