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After a long summer, and the lockout looming over us, our fall looked pretty bleak. However, the feeble minds of football finally came upon an agreement and now we have our love back.

Welcome back football! I’d love to spend every Sunday with you. Don’t leave me ever again.

You know what else this means? We have more Dallas Cowboys. Lets see how they’re shaping up a long with the rest of the NFC east.

Let me start with my beloved Dallas Cowboys. So many problems but, I’m only focusing on the good today.

Oh, how happy I am to see the return and recovery of quarterback Tony Romo. Last year, was one of the most heartbreaking years for the Dallas Cowboys. 6-10, that’s all I can say. I have mixed feelings about Tony Romo. I feel like Romo is unlucky rather than injury prone. However, I also feel like with all the pieces in place, like they are this year, Romo is poised to have an explosive year.

Romo also has plenty of weapons to utilize on offense, including wide receivers Miles Austin and Dez Bryant, tight end Jason Witten and running back Felix Jones. With a healthy Romo, that unit becomes one of the most potent offenses in the entire NFL, capable of scoring on any given play

The Dallas cowboys have an explosive backfield in the making with Felix Jones, Demarco Murray, and Philip Tanner. Tanner had a memorable “almost-a-touchdown-but-not-due-to-bad-rules” on Sunday nights preseason game against the Chargers. If he keeps work that up Tanner will be a beast in the backfield in no time.

Look out NFC east, the boys are back.

The Philadelphia Eagles, two words, not Michael Vick, but injury risk. As scary as Michael Vick’s 2010 campaign was with an astonishing 3,018 passing yards, 21 connections to receivers for touchdowns, and 9 rushing touchdowns for 676 yards. We still can’t put all of our eggs in this basket just yet. Remember that big hit that Vick took last year during that Redskins game that knocked him out for 4 weeks? A quarterback that rushes for as many yards as Vick does isn’t safe. Vick is setting himself up to get knocked around like a running back. Expect teams to be bringing the blitz more than often against the Eagles. However, Vick is a phenomenal athlete and has the right to be feared by many, but I can’t see him replicating last years stats.

The Eagles had a huge off season signing with the signing of cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, which should shape the Eagles defense to be a massive threat against the oppositions passing game. Nnamdi is 4 time Pro Bowl selection, with 310 tackles and 11 interceptions. Look out for this guy.

The New York Giants, led by one of the most under-rated and forgotten quarterbacks in the league, Eli Manning. Manning really doesn’t deserve the flack he gets, he has one thing the other NFC east quarterbacks don’t. A Super Bowl Championship. That being said, Manning has an arm, has proved that he can throw for touchdowns, and has an awesome backfield. Receiver Hakeem Nicks is an up and coming star who has the potential to break out this season and gain elite receiver status. The next Calvin Johnson or Andre Johnson? Maybe, but probably not. Look out for the Giants to be seeking blood this season after that heartbreaking loss in week 16 last season against the Eagles.

The Washington Redskins have issues galore and I feel pretty confident that they will likely finish last in the NFC east. Their problems are beyond anyone in the league. Mike Shanahan is a great coach, but even he can’t fix the Redskins. Honestly, I feel like he’s making their problems worse. However, the Redskins do have a potential dominant running game in the making. With the addition of Tim Hightower and Roy Helu to compliment returning running back Ryan Torain the Redskins could have the best backfield in the division. Might take a couple games, or seasons for that matter to get things started back up but have no fear Redskins fans, one day you will have glory again.

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