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Last week we sent out a call to Granada fans for your Top 5 Favorite Bands. The amount of responses have been great! Today’s post is from uber music fan Doug Shingler. If you would like to submit yours for a blog post, e-mail!

1. Soul Asylum– I know what you are thinking…runaway train. But that is not what they are all about. They started out as a hardcore punk band then gradually made leaps and bounds on their first four albums. Hang time and …and the horse they rode in are to me their crowning achievements. And they are still making vital american rock to this day. And as far as live bands go, there isn’t a single band around these days that can even touch them as far as enthusiasm and intensity…and they have a helluva good time up on stage.

2. Remy Zero– Cinjun Tate has one of the most hauntingly beautiful voices I have ever heard. And for most music fans that would be enough, but the band is equally as amazing. They were discovered by radiohead but i think they blow radiohead away in every single way. Such a shame they didn’t garner the same fame.

3. Echo and the bunnymen– probably one the coolest bands to make it big in the 80’s…and they could have been every bit as big as U2 but tragedy struck the band as they were getting their biggest hit with lips like sugar…their drummer died. This sidelined them for several years but the remaining members regrouped in the mid-90s and haven’t quit since. Now only Ian McCulloch and Will Sargent are the only original members but they are writing some of their strongest material since the early 80s.

4. U2– I got in to this band in the period of time between the war album and unforgettable fire (my favorite album from them) so to me they cant do anything wrong. Yes their music has softened but not the message. Everything i learned about world politics in my formative years came from these guys. And live, they are still amazing.

5. Gerald Collier– he used to be the lead singer/rhythm guitarist of the early 90s band best kissers in the world. They were young, loud and snotty power poppers…then that band broke up and gerald became a journeyman of sorts. He got rid of the volume and started playing acoustic country-ish music. The timbre in his voice will send chills down your spine. If you can find his self-titled album on revolution records it is worth it to pick it up…if only for the countrified version of pink floyds fearless. Amazing version.

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