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Not going to ACL this year? No worries there are plenty of great shows to catch in Dallas. One that is a “can’t miss” is Okkervil River & Wye Oak on Saturday September 17th. If Wye Oak is not yet on your radar, then read up. I first heard Wye Oak on a couple years ago when they were playing the duo’s song “I Hope You Die”. A dark song title with even darker lyrics sung by one of the more hauntingly angelic voices in the exploding “indie-folk” genre.

Wye Oak are a duo from Maryland. They describe their music as “21st century folk” which I guess means that it’s has more of a harder edge than most of your Starbucks-approved bands. To be honest, there are more hints of Sonic Youth in their songs than Mumford & Sons. I guess just because they have an acoustic guitar they get lumped into that folkie group. Earlier this year the duo released their 3rd album titled “Civilian” and many are calling it their best yet.

“Wye Oak have created a ten song piece of work that in all ways expand the band’s horizons. Emotional profundity and deeper understanding of subtlety demonstrates Wasner’s growth as lead singer and writer, and Stack’s command of a wide multiplicity of instruments exhibits his growing confidence as a musician.”

This show is going to be one of the best in Dallas during ACL Weekend. Wye Oak & Okkervil River

Tickets for Okkervil River & Wye Oak are on sale now. You can purchase them online here.

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