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In the past years there has been only a couple bands to make an impact on the music scene as of late. Noah Lennox also known as, Panda Bear from the sample heavy, acid induced outfit known as Animal Collective has inspired bedroom synth tinkerers to take there sound out of the house and on to the stage. Animal Collective have spawned countless imitators of their sound in recent years. Now, you find yourself hearing more and more bands incorporating samples and synths paired with lofty vocals into there music. Click a link here or there to the next blog and your guaranteed to find a band that has an Animal Collective inflected style.

Panda Bear, the Noah Lennox moniker, has always been a famed member of Animal Collective but hasn’t truly proved him self till now. With the release of the much anticipated Tomboy, Lennox has crafted a solid yet darker album than his previous album Person Pitch. In Tomboy, the application of heavy reverb still resonates through the speakers to make the music more nostalgic than it ever has. The guitar work that is featured on this album is unexpected yet, very pleasing. On the title track, “Tomboy” you can hear the lofty vocals and off the wall beats but now paired with grunge-esque distorted guitars in the background to round out the track. “You Can Count on Me” is one of the most driving songs written by Lennox. The drum beat which could be the equivalent of marching band slowed down to about half the tempo that leaves space in between beats the each drum hit, so that Lennox can fill it with his guitar paired with hazy samples. ‘Slow Motion’ seems to defy its name. Pounding keys that remind you of a droned down hip hop sample that is nothing like the title sounds.  “Surfer’s Hymn” brings in waves of water clips, vibraphone melodies, and sweet 1950’s vocals.

However, the stage is where Panda Bear truly flourishes. The sound reverberates from wall to wall, the lights drench the stage with psychedelic visuals that make more of a real feeling for a show. Lennox’s shows are known for bringing more than just beautiful music. Lennox’s shows are aesthetically pleasing to multiple senses.

For an artist that has been featured on some of the top critics lists, I think Lennox has hit it out of the water with Tomboy. The album has been one of the most anticipated albums in the past couple years. Blog after blog, fake MP3’s, and live leaks, the blogosphere has been buzzing about “what Noah Lennox was going to do next” for years now. With the release of Tomboy, and recent resurgence of new Animal Collective songs and tour dates, like a headlining spot at the Pitchfork Music Festival and a Saturday night sub-headlining  slot at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival, Lennox and the rest of Animal Collective have created massive buzz around there band that is undeniable.

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