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Music + Comedy, probably the greatest marriage of all time. Yes, I am a huge music nerd, so when I hear jokes about music, it’s even that much sweeter.¬†Especially¬†if its about 80’s hair metal, KISS, or the Nuge. It’s just too easy to make jokes about most bands from the past decades. Here are some of my favorite comedians on rock and roll music and more. Post some of your favorites in the comments below. Enjoy.

Patton Oswalt on 80’s Music

Bill Hicks on drugs and music

Matt McCarthy on KISS
Matt McCarthy – KISS Meeting
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Nick Swardson on 80’s Parties
Nick Swardson – 80s Parties
Nick Swardson Stand-Up Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time Buy tickets to the New York Comedy Festival

Jim Breuer on Metallica
Jim Breuer – Metallica Kids’ Music
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Brian Posehn on iTunes Suggestions
Brian Posehn – Suggestions From iTunes
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