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Last week we sent out a call to Granada fans for your Top 5 Favorite Bands. Today’s post comes Sophia Lawson (@star512). If you would like to submit yours for a blog post, e-mail!

1. Rilo Kiley

Rilo Kiley is indie rock at its finest. Whenever I’m in need of extensive
guidance, I turn to these Saddle Creek veterans. The Execution of All Things
is capable of banishing even the most stubborn amounts of teenage angst.
There’s just something about the way Jenny Lewis so eloquently vocalizes
the woes of falling in love, and Blake Sennett effortlessly whittles away at his
guitar that make me radiate all sorts of happiness.

Additionally, Rilo Kiley always promised the best live shows. Although
I was only able to catch RK once during their Under the Blacklight tour, I
don’t think I’ve heard so many appreciative shrieks of excitement from an
audience. Singing along was greatly advised, seeing as giant silver beach
balls of confetti were provided to the raging crowd. And during “A Better
Son/Daughter,“ Jenny invited a girl from the sea of people to sit on the stage
and have the entire song sung to her. That’s some extensive fan dedication.

Yeah, Rilo Kiley made it pretty easy to like them.

2. Weezer

Any credible music critic could easily argue that these are just a bunch of
washed-up, thirty-something year-old guys haven’t put out a decent album in
years. Well, I see your Hurley and raise you a Pinkerton. Now put that in your
pipe and smoke it.

Weezer potentially defined my high school experience to the highest degree
possible. I first heard about Rivers Cuomo and Co. from a group of guys
that rode my bus in the ninth grade. These kids insisted that I take a listen,
despite it being during the Make Believe era. Just hearing one single wail
from “Tired of Sex” got me hooked and had me searching for a boyfriend with
horn-rimmed glasses. After religiously listening to Weezer my freshman
year, Pinkerton became my bible. Weezer knows how to write about girls
and boys, all in the perfect state of nerd-dom. I don’t care what people say
about them now; they can still throw down one hell of a live show.

3. Blondie

Debbie Harry makes me want to be a girl living in the late 70’s, just as
Blondie was appearing on the underground radar. I’m talking torn up t-shirt,
denim jacket, and cigarette in hand while waiting outside the CBGB’s Club
with Joey Ramone.

Blondie’s rendition of The Nerve’s classic “Hanging on the Telephone is
forever my favorite song of all time, hands down. Countless bands have
covered that song, but none of them haven been able to touch Blondie’s
recording of the song. There’s just something about Harry’s powerful front
woman stance, with her crew of male band mates that still works. Yeah, she’s
still kicking ass and taking names.

4. The Pixies

The Pixies are like a healthy dose of poetic anger management. Have you
ever thought about how refreshing it is to yell along with the lyrics from the
classic “Where is My Mind, “ or maybe the minute and a half stint of “Broken

The Pixies can justly attack feelings of sweet, manic desire in a single
verse. These guys are loud, and that’s what I like most about them. (Their
2004 documentary, loudQUIETloud can actually elaborate more on their
musical noise level.) You’ve got Black Francis screaming about monkeys
and eyeballs, all the while Kim Deal keeps a steady chant of chorus lines on
backup vocals. Albums like Doolittle and Surfer Rosa are albums that have a
place on every music enthusiast’s shelf.

5. The Cure

It’s a general rule of thumb (at least for me) to listen to The Cure when it’s
raining. There’s no way around it, as the combination of the two is pretty
emotionally charging.

Behind the Goth rock appearance, Robert Smith has probably written some
of the greatest love songs to date. Yes, there is “Lovesong” from the much-
acclaimed Disintegration album, but really The Cure’s entire discography is

one long list of love songs. Seriously, if someone was even contemplating
the idea of making me a mix tape to signal to me some form of affection, I’d
expect the tape to have at least one song from The Cure on it. So boys, take
note: go listen to Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me on repeat.

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