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We sent out a call to Granada fans for your Top 5 Favorite Bands. Today’s post comes Kevin Huffine (@kevinhuffine). If you would like to submit yours for a blog post, e-mail!

Well, I saw a quick tweet and facebook post from The Granada about me being able to write about my
top 5 favorite bands. Any person that loves music as much as I do, know that pinning down five favorite
bands is a task, but I pulled out the iPod and gave it a look and here are the five bands that I came up
with today. (As I am sure some of them will change by tomorrow morning)

Pearl Jam

Things get better with age, I can justify that. As things get better, Eddie Vedder and the boys are hands
down one of the best rock bands in the past 20 years. Deciding early as a band to not make music
videos for MTV (when MTV actually played music), taking on Ticketmaster, starting Monkey Wrench
Records, and playing their own music, they have prevailed as a band that made it out of the early
90’s still intact from the Seattle scene. If you claim you are a fan of music and don’t own Pearl Jam
10, you should give up your tickets to the next show you go to. They were one of the first bands of
my generation that played music that didn’t feel stolen from another generation. They are back in the
studio about to drop a new album this year, and when they go on tour, I will be front and center ready
to get my sock rocked off.

A Tribe Called Quest

To me, when the tribe broke up, it was just like the lyric from Don McLean’s American Pie, it felt
like “the day the music died” for hip hop at the time. I have to say I am a little of a hip hop junkie, not
overboard, but I do like some good lyrics and beats throughout the day. When I heard my first Tribe
album (The Low End Theory), the sound of Q-Tip and Phife’s voice and their thoughtful lyrics had me
hooked for life. I am hoping that Michael Rapaport’s documentary will spark the Tribe to put away
differences and get back together for one last hoorah. This group had more to say and had lyrics with
feeling, a lot different than flowing about how much gold, girls, and money they had. I have to say we
probably won’t see a group like Tribe for a long time.

Frightened Rabbit

With everyone getting on the Mumford and Sons kick, some have overlooked and missed this band from
Selkirk, Scotland. Although at the moment they are opening up for Death Cab for Cutie, I feel they could
have the chance to be the next band from across the pond to make it big. At this point they have three
albums that have been released with their most recent album The Winter of Mixed Drinks. I have to say
that if there is one album that is in constant rotation for me is their album The Midnight Organ Fight, it is
an amazing album and can get you through the happiest or saddest times. Plus there aren’t many bands
that can say they added their current keyboardist after a drunken New Year’s Eve night in Glasgow.

Portugal. The Man

Portugal. The Man has been around for a few years now (since 2004), and they are finally starting to
get some play on indie stations. Based out of Portland, originally from Wasilla, Alaska (don’t hold it
against them) finally signed with Atlantic in 2010 and has put out 7 albums in the course of their career.
I got the chance to see them at the Austin City Limits Festival last year and they put on a great show. I
love their newest album In the Mountain, In the Cloud, but my favorite album by them is probably The
Satanic Satanist. If you get the chance check them out when they are in Austin in October, you won’t be

The Flaming Lips

Being from Oklahoma, I always hold them close to the heart, plus you have to love the loveable freaks,
it’s hard not to. I can remember their earliest days in the late 80’s and early 90’s when they played
obscure clubs in Norman and OKC, and me being too young and not being able to see them. That soon
changed when I got to go on stage with them dressed as DJ Lance Rock and got to rock out at Austin City
Limits Festival last year and I have to say it was marvelous. They put on the best live show I have been
at, and they make it a point to get everyone involved at their shows. I love the fact that Wayne Coyne
and the Lips make a point to push the boundaries of art and music and combine the both at their shows.
With the Flaming Lips you get great music, amazing visuals, and take nothing for granted. They are rock
pioneers and legends, and we have got the luxury of having them in our backyard in Oklahoma.

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