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We sent out a call to Granada fans for your Top 5 Favorite Bands. Today’s post comes Jesus Davila (@jebuz60 ). If you would like to submit yours for a blog post, e-mail!

1. Murder by Death
Not your typical band. With their dark lyrics and gothic-western style they make some of the most beautiful music out there. Lead singer Adam Turla’s voice is amazing, in the past two new albums his voice reminds me of Johnny Cash. They’re songs cover zombies, brothers, drinking and ect. In “who will survive and what will be left of them?” they tell a story of how the devil fought in a town in mexico. Every single one of their albums are amazing, at first if you dont like, watch it will grow on you.

2. The Beatles
What can be said of this band that hasnt been said. they have done it all. A band with 4 front man (yes including ringo, even if he had only a few singles) they were and still are amazing. they have created music that has stand the test of time. The beatles music is embedded into everyone. Its hard to find someone who doesnt like the beatles.

3. Led Zeppelin
Another one of those band that only come once in a life time. Every rocker should have Led Zeppelin in their top 10. No matter what your favorite band is one way or another they were influenced by Led Zeppelin.

4. That Handsome Devil
A band that clearly has no genre. This band is the real deal. They blend so many genres into one song, they can range from surfer to jazz to rockabilly to straight up rock, all in one song. Not one song is the same. with their new album coming out this tuesday I can only wonder what can be like. you can sign up in their website for updates and you can get their new single for free. I advise everyone to check it out.

5. Cake
A band huge in the 90’s with their hit “the distance”. after all these years they have not changed, which is hard for bands to do now days. If I can suggest an album I would choose, “Comfort Eagle” from beginning to end its amazing throughout. The voice, guitar, bass, drums, and trumpets all fuse together in every song.

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