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Ever wonder what it’s like to have a beard and be able to measure it, at the tip of your…beard? Worry no more, my bearded friends. Most recently, we’ve stumbled across an invention worth noting: a shirt that measures and compares your ZZ Top rock-ability or Santa hardcore-dom.

We’ve got some pretty rockin’ beards coming through to the Granada in the next few months. Music and beards go hand-in-hand sometimes, natural facial hair growth comes with natural musical talents. Our Top Beards countdown starts with the Manzarek-Rogers Band coming October 29th. Though the guys might look like your typical neighbors next door, their jams will have you blown away. Having facial hair not long enough to reach even ‘Cavemanly,’ at least we could invent a “Coolmanly” for this band.

JJ Grey & Mofro is next on our list. Once again only with a slight bit of scruff, these guys fall into the same category as the Manzarek-Rogers Band above. A little facial hair, slick, and rocking, these guys have got it going on.

What exactly constitutes a beard? When does one go from scruff to beard to Jesus to Lumberjack to Amish? These smiling college friends we’ve got coming known as Ra Ra Riot have got some facial swag going on. Though not a full on beard like most standards have set, the least we could do is recognize the facial hair that is present. Don’t these bearded folks look like you could just give them a hug? Hug yourself and them at Granada Theater on November 3rd.

Friendly Fires taking the next place in Granada’s Award of Beards. Once again, though not even reaching “Cavemanly” status, these guys could at least be given the Cleanest, Well Groomed Beards Award. Hailing from Hertfordshire, England, the Englishmen know how to curate a party. Producing electro-dance beats and tunes that will rock your dancing skills away, their music is more fresh than their beard could speak for. Catch them here October 12thand dance away.

Getting a little more intense is multiple members with bearded status. Okkervil River, coming from our very own Austin, Texas has been in the game for well over a decade. Recently touring with the Grammy Award Winning Arcade Fire (Who the F is Arcade Fire, you say?), they’re in for a new tour in their May released I Am Very Far album. Seeing them in a venue will be great, perhaps we will feel like we’re in Lost Coastlines staring at their beards with Okkervil’s music playing (see what I did there?). See them on September 17th, all you everybody.

Granada Theater is turning a little age known as 7 (though we’re much older than that in reality) and are celebrating our 7th Anniversary on October 6th with Blind Pilot. Joining the multiple members with beards tribe, we’ve got Blind Pilot producing sweet indie tunes for the common folks. 3 Rounds and a Sound could easily be turned into 3 Pounds and an Ounce, slowly moving down our charts, maybe the combined beards of Blind Pilot could weigh just as much. By the time Blind Pilot are done, everyone would want nothing more than for them to play 3 more rounds of music.

Put your cowboy boots and hats on and be ready for a night of Country music by Drive-By Truckers. Though these guys still look friendly enough to give you a handshake or five, they’ve got a pretty good thing going. Hailing from Athens, Georgia, in the deep heart of the south, most of the members of Drive-By Truckers identify themselves with Alabama. Performing at notable festivals such as Sasquatch! in The Gorge, they’re now doing a cross-country tour and stopping at Granada on September 2nd.

And our winner of the Granada Theater Weirdos with the Beardos contest goes to Minus The Bear. One of our frequent favorites (frequent as in once before), Minus the Bear is back again on October 25th. Their Menos el Oso and Planet of IceCDs has acquired much acclaim, and now they are back for their 10 Year Anniversary Tour. A combination of indie and rock, otherwise known as indie-rock, the Seattle, Washington group guided by Jesus-looking Jake Snider has put the beard in beardtastic. If you’ve missed them before, come and witness. If you’ve seen them already, come again.

So these guys with beards playing in bands together contribute to the “awesome” factor that most bands seem to attain. Some great live performances coming through with Granada and we’re excited to see you here. If you prefer to be more celebratory and festive, you could even purchase a beard shirt at Gizmodo and measure your own beard or lack thereof. Either way, it’s bound to be a good time.

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