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The Whiskey Folk Ramblers aren’t your dad’s Country-Americana group. The Whiskey Folk Ramblers are more of your twisted-gypsy infused-old west style music. From Eastern European influenced accordions to guitar lines that have inflections of Dick Dale’s, Misirlou, the Whiskey Folk Ramblers have constructed there unique sound.

It’s like drinking Jack Daniels with your Lithuanian chilled borscht. Seconds please.

Three years ago, Whiskey Folk Ramblers earned the honor of “Best New Act” in the 2008 Dallas Observer Music Awards, largely on the strength of their debut CD, Midnight Drifter. The whole thing, including mixing, was done in five days at Panhandle House in Denton, where the guys were snowed-in during a rare outburst of winter weather. And it shows: Recorded live for the most part, the album captures the raucous, rowdy sound. Midnight Drifter, was more so, there country album, before delving into the unknown.

After there debut the band was faced with a new task, stay to form or keep evolving. The band followed up “the country with a foreign accent” debut with …And There Are Devils. The album was produced by local favorite, Salim Nourallah, and they piled on more of the gypsy and klezmer sound, but still staying with there country roots. You can still here the accordion, but now its paired with big jazz swing and old west inflected horns that sound like you just drunkenly rolled out of the saloon ready for stand off with the sheriff at high noon.

“Salim helped us in a way, being like, ‘Why wait? Why not use those songs now and make your band what you really want it to be?'” Rougeux says. “He helped a lot in pushing us to make this album the way we want it to be instead of the way we were trying to kind of be safe and make it in the beginning.” (via Dallas Observer)

Lead singer and primary song writer Tyler Rougeux wanted to add something else to there sound, just something a little different. At that point he wasn’t sure if the band could be classified as country.

“The country music thing that we were doing just got a little boring, honestly. So we just stretched our sound out a little bit and made it more interesting.” Rougeux said in a recent interview. (via Dallas Observer)

With the daunting task every musician takes by finding the right genre to lump there music into the Whiskey Folk Ramblers have chose to be included in the ever growing “rock and roll” category.

I’m truly excited to see where the Whiskey Folk Ramblers will go next. There sound is so unique and big that it seems almost impossible that they wont get bigger and better.

The band will be playing the Granada Theater Halloween party with the Manzarek-Rogers band which features writer, co-founder, and keyboardist Ray Manzarek of the Doors. Get there early so you can catch the Whiskey Folk Ramblers. You can listen to a few of the bands song’s below.

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