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3524 Greenville Ave Dallas, TX 75206

Are you coming to check out some REAL American country music this Friday, August 12, when Eleven Hundred Springs plays The Granada? Well don’t think that you’ve pulled your cowboy boots and ten gallon hat out of mothballs for one show only, the downhome jams will continue that night at The Double Wide, located at the Crossroads of Exposition Park and Deep Ellum at 3510 Commerce St. DJ Charlie Don’t Park will be playing tunes you can keep scootin’ your boots to, Mama Faye’s BBQ will be available, and best of all, you can get drink specials by keeping your Granada wristband on after the show and showing it at the bar. RSVP for the Afterparty here and pick up tickets for Eleven Hundred Springs here.

The Double Wide has consistently been considered one of Dallas’ go to watering holes for a number of years, offering up cold beer, great local music and tons of fun to all comers. On August 12, DJ Charlie Don’t Park will be bringing on the classic honky tonk music into the wee hours of the morning. Known mostly for co-hosting the Rockabilly Revue on 89.3 KNON FM, swapping spots with the Cowhide Crew every other week, Charlie Don’t Park has taken it upon himself along with his co-hosts to fill Dallas’ airwaves with the purest Americana, sickest psychobilly, and most classic country that can be found around the area and the world. He’s bringing his selecting talents to The Double Wide to make sure no one who can handle it loses their mojo for contemporary country and old school greats.

Providing the grub to keep you going after a long night of tough as nails outlaw country music will be Mama Faye’s BBQ, a Deep Ellum joint known for some seriously great Texas BBQ done right. Patrons have raved about the pulled pork, ribs, and beef, with smoky and spicy flavors. Some great sauces and sides will get your tongue going to as you stop to refuel before two stepping your way back onto the dance floor.

Of Course setting the scene for the afterparty on Friday will be Dallas natives Eleven Hundred Springs playing at the Granada with doors opening at 7:00 PM. Eleven Hundred Springs do country the only way they know how: their way. Part hippy hybrid, part renegade country crew, part classic rock revue, Eleven Hundred Springs have developed a style of Western music that hems close to the Americana scene but pays appropriate tribute to the old masters like Willie Nelson, Hank Williams, and Waylon Jennings. What comes out is an individualistic blend of old and new sounds that sound fresh and familiar at the same time. Set up to be the highlight of what should be a great party night, Eleven Hundred Springs will be sure to please the crowd.

Once the show comes to an end, it need not be the end of your night as The Double Wide will be the place to be for drinks, music, food, and fun. Showing your Granada wristband at the bar will get you drink specials and if you get hungry, some great BBQ will be on hand. So if you can’t get enough Texas country, head over to The Double Wide after Eleven Hundred Springs finishes up for a Honky Tonk you won’t soon forget. RSVP for the After Party here and buy tickets for Eleven Hundred Springs here.

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