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We sent out a call to Granada fans to list their 5 favorite bands. Today’s list comes from George Macatee (@MacateeV). If you would like to participate, send your list to!

Miike Snow

Hands down consistently my favorite band ever since their eponymous debut album,
Miike Snow, was released in 2009. It’s one of those albums you could listen to a thousand
times and it only gets better. This Swedish indie electropop band has an incredibly unique
sound and is very well produced. Keep an eye out for their follow up album this fall.

LCD Soundsystem

As one of my close friends says, LCD Soundsystem is not a band…. it is an attitude.
This NYC based band blends dance punk with electronica in the best way possible. Lead
by front man James Murphy, who was once asked to be a writer for the popular sitcom
Seinfeld, LCD did their own thing and did it their way. From songs like “Daft Punk is
Playing at My House” to more recently “Dance Yr Self Clean” they set them selves apart
from the rest of the music industry. Their final album title appropriately sums it up, This
Is Happening.

Miami Horror

This Aussie electropop group does it all. From putting on stunning live shows to killer DJ
sets, Miami Horror is an ambassador for the Australian music scene. Aside from having
stellar tunes of their own, they are known for putting out top of the line remixes that pay
homage to the best qualities of the original songs. And did mention the killer live shows?
While at a the Granada Theater their lead singer and producer, Benjamin Plant, climbed
halfway up the stage during a song all the while not missing a beat.

Fela Kuti

Fela Kuti is a the known as the pioneer of Afro beat which is a blend of jazz, funk,
psychedelic and West African music. His songs are instantly recognizable and are
impossible not to groove to. His music created an entire genre that influenced many
others. Any lover of fine, funky, and delectable tunes should lend Fela their ears.

Todd Terje

This Norwegian DJ is known as the “third tallest DJ in the world,” Terje is in my opinion
one of the most unique artists out there. He has a long list of top of the line edits such
as “Pop Musik”, “Killing For Love”, and “Superstition”. On top of these, he has an
extensive catalogue of originals that are definitely worth a look. He dominates the beat
and lives for the funk. Long live the Terje.

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