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Dubstep. There hasn’t been a genre of music causing as much controversy as the eyeball wobbling bass heavy dance music in a number of years and it seems to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Dubstep seems to be equally reviled and lauded by listeners and fans but no matter whether you love it or hate it, as of now dubstep is here to stay. So with the dubstep being the next big thing and DJs like Rusko and Skrillex are becoming world famous, it wasn’t long before DFW got a dubstep crew to call our very own. Over the last few years, Jason Mundo, Royal Highnuss, Lifted MC, Jimmy B, LDFD, and Aries3 have been working together as Dub Assembly with their expressed mission: “wrecking soundsystems in the DFdub”. Dub Assembly’s Aries3 will be playing tomorrow, Tuesday, August 9 on the Hard Summer Tour and you can pick up tickets right here.

Dub Assembly is less of a set group of DJs however, and more of a collective of friends and artists who work together just as well as they work independently. The members frequently play together but no one DJ in the group is tied to another making for a widely diverse range of styles and influences coming from each person involved. The result is a style of dubstep that sites Jack Dangers Iration Steppas, dirty south hip-hop, reggae, and even shoegaze legends My Bloody Valentine as influences, creating a style that is full of energy, intensity, and of course, some serious bass. Taking on notable Dallas venues like Trees and The Green Elephant as well as playing in Denton and making trips around the US, Dub Assembly is growing in recognition and influence around the DFW area and the national stage.

While DJing clearly is Dub Assembly’s major priority, the group also runs their own record label, appropriately named Dub Assembly Records. Crew leader Mundo and his fellow members started out using the label to release their own work and remixes but as Dub Assembly has become a more prominent name, fellow dubstep and electronic artists around the state have signed on to release their material through Dub Assembly Records. The label is growing with several online outlets used for distribution and in the process, the Dub Assembly crew is creating a brand that they can all get behind. Recently the group have hosted and curated events and shows of their own showcasing themselves and other DJ friends in the area. With a name that is becoming more prominent and recognized, Dub Assembly is poised to make a major move not just in regards to their hometown, but in regards to the rest of the world as well.

But of course, one isn’t exactly thinking about Dub Assembly’s corporate status when the bass drops and the foundation of the building begins to shake. The group’s live sets are full of crowd pleasing earth rattling low end, endorphin rush inducing peaks and thick, syrupy slow downs. Shows are known to get rowdy, but in the way that you would want a DJ set to be rowdy, not in a way that you need to worry about getting hurt as fans dance, jump, bop along to an intense rave atmosphere that routinely sends crowds home happy. Dub Assembly craft a style of dubstep that not only brings on what audiences expect from dubstep DJs, but also a style of artistry that each member of the crew adds to. The result is a unique blend of styles that is thrilling but accessible. Though Dub Assembly may not be on the same level as the heavy hitters of dubstep right now, you can be sure to expect big things from them in the future and expect a high energy party when Aries3 spins at the Granada for Hard Summer Tour tomorrow, Tuesday August 9. BUY TICKETS HERE.

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