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When I was a kid, I was no where near productive as some of these kids are. I asked for a Squier Strat Pack for my birthday one year and it mostly collected dust until I started playing bass when I was fifteen. That being said, I never took the time to learn the guitar as a kid but I always dreamed of becoming a rock star. I think I was too busy collecting Pokemon cards, listening to Blink 182, and being a terribly awkward middle school kid,  i.e. not pursuing rockstardom dreams.

Run for Your Life is a Beatles tribute band made up of five kids ages nine to twelve who take lessons at the Zounds Sounds School of Music. Run for Your Life features Matt Musso (guitar, drums, vocals), Michael Musso (bass, vocals), Wil Farrier (guitar, vocals), Bob Cummins, Jr. (piano, guitar, vocals – and the son of Hard Nights Day member Bob Cummins), and Griffin Tucker (drums, guitars, vocals).

Zounds Sounds is a real life School of Rock. Zounds Sounds designed the program so the students could learn about the interactions between the different musical instruments and musicians, as well as the dynamics between audience and performer. The goal at Zounds-Sounds is to provide experiences in real life musical situations for our students, in an environment that is fun.

Run for Your Life is Dallas’ youngest Beatles tribute band. Not only are they the youngest, they’re actually one of the best. They have gotten to play numerous events since there formation and I feel like there not done yet. Now, they may not follow in the footsteps of Hard Nights Day and continue to be a Beatles tribute band, but they definitely have an immense amount of talent. If these kids keep continuing at the pace they are, there practice and experience is going to pay off ten fold for them.

If your just as excited as I am to see these kids play with Hard Nights Day then this is a show you wont want to miss. It’s going to be a night full of all of your favorite Beatles songs being performed by some of the greatest Beatles tribute bands in the area.  Get there early because Hard Nights Day goes on at 8 P.M. and tickets are $10-$20. See you there!


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