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For die-hard local music fans who are in tuned with the local Dallas music scene, the various talents flowing around is hard not to miss. But similar to most things in life, local music is easy to look past when you can’t pay enough attention or stay up-to-date with shows and blogs and all.

To highlight both the consistency and change throughout the years (which you’d think would be both a paradox and contradiction), The Dallas Observer Music Awards, also known abbreviated as the DOMAs, has been keeping its annual happenings for 23 straight years. For more than two decades, the annual award showcase has featured some our own area’s best talents.

 From categories such as Best Band, Best New Band, Best Folk/Acoustic, Best Hard Rock Act to Best Venue, Best Music Advocate, and Best Booking, they’ve given us the 411 of the best of Dallas.

The past ten years of DOMA has represented the change in Dallas. From The Old 97’s winning Best Band in 2001, RTB2 has taken the throne 9 years later. The transition from Best Venue from the good ol’ Gypsy Tea Room in Deep Ellum to our very own Granada Theater (winner of Best Venue from 2007-2010, can I get a what what) has defined the change of downtown Dallas life as a whole. With Best Booking and Best Music Advocate established after 2007’s DOMAs, the inclusion of the behind-the-scenes folks making and advocating the various national and regional acts that come through our town was much needed. These categories included winners such as Dallas’ Granada Theater booking, Tactic Productions‘ Kris Youmans and Double Wide‘s Chelsea Callahan. How do we forget about some of the people that make the magic happen?

Give it up for Sarah Jaffe who has been dubbed the Best Female Vocalist since 2007. Other notable mentions include Jonathan Tyler of Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights, one of Granada’s frequent favorites, and Tim DeLaughter of Tripping Daisy, The Polyphonic Spree, and more recently, Preteen Zenith. Each year, more names are acknowledged for their contribution and talent that feed into the Big D’s culture.

The Dallas Observer has moved this year’s 23rd annual (for you Roman Numeral folks, that’s DOMA XXIII) Dallas Observer Music Awards to the summer. There’s an eclectic variety of nominations this year. Visit DC-9 At Night for up-to-date voting information. Will Granada Theater win again this year? Fingers crossed.


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