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Dozens of shots of whiskey and three round house kicks to the face later by Patrick Swayze at the Double Deuce may be my favorite night ever. Wait. That’s the plot of Road House, the best B movie of all time. Dalton, “the best damn cooler in the business” played by Patrick Swayze is probably the most bad ass bouncer at a bar ever, but not just any bar. It’s the damn Double Deuce. The best honkey tonk bar to ever grace American soil.

In corner #1 we have Dalton. In a nutshell, Dalton is the Rambo of the Double Deuce. He can fight off multiple thugs, chase a motor cycle down on foot, beat you with a beer bottle, deliver a skull smashing round house to the face, disarm you, then continue to rip your larynx out of your neck and dispose of your body in the water, all in the name of alcohol and a lovely woman named Doc. Who could beat him? After all, he did say genius one liners like “Pain don’t hurt” and “My way… or the highway”.

In corner #2 we have the Dale Watson, the tattooed, stubbornly independent outsider to the mainstream country genre.  Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama but now resides in Austin, Texas. Dale Watson is such a rebel of the country music world that he wont even call him self a country star. Watson is done with the “C” word and what it’s come to represent in modern times. So much so that he’s created his own genre, simply called Ameripolitan. Watson has received frequent proclamations declaring him one of country music’s last authentic voices.

Watson’s 2007 album, From The Cradle To The Grave, was written in a cabin in the Tennessee mountains. However this wasn’t just any mountain home. This cabin was once owned by Johnny Cash. “I got up there and basically wrote ten songs in three days,” remembers Watson. “At first I was adamant about not writing anything even remotely reminiscent to Johnny Cash as I figured I’d be instantly dismissed for trying to cop his vibe, but his presence was so strong up there that I decided why fight it, let the chips fall where they may and go with the feeling.” Dale Watson now has Johnny Cash in his corner.

Also, I’m pretty sure there was another awesome B movie of note with the title Cradle 2 the Grave featuring DMX. So, guess what? Dale Watson not only Johnny Cash in his corner, but he now has DMX. BOO YA! Lookout Dalton, Watson and his gang are coming to lay some truth all over the Double Deuce saloon.

My pick is Dale Watson in this battle. What’s yours? Maybe you need to see this singer-songwriter legend for yourself tonight at the Granada Theater. Dale Watson will be sharing the Bill with the Tejas Brothers tonight and it is a show you will not want to miss. Tickets start at $19, Dale Watson is on at 8 P.M.


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