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There is really no place cooler to work than the Granada Theater. Setting up incredible live music experiences for fans to enjoy is an exciting process and one that I’ve learned a lot from as well. Over the past year, I’ve been involved with the Granada Theater in some capacity as an intern and campus representative. I moved to the fair state of Texas about three and a half years ago and it was only a matter of time before I saw my first show at the Granada. I was first in attendance at the Granada for the dual headlining show indie rock legends Dinosaur Jr. and Built to Spill were putting on and after I saw the venue’s retro marquis exterior, I went on to instantly be awed by the theater’s timeless concert hall, quirky wall images, and above all else, the incredible bands that would routinely play at the Granada when they come through Dallas. I had never been to a concert venue like the Granada before and tried to make it out to as many shows as I could so when I saw the Granada was hiring campus representatives before my freshman year of college started, I jumped at the opportunity.

The prospect of three free concerts a month was the most enticing in regards to becoming a campus rep at first, but I soon found that the job itself held immense rewards. As a campus rep it was my job to inform the student body of upcoming concerts and events at the Granada by handing outĀ fliersĀ to students and putting up posters around the community advertising shows. In addition, it was my responsibility to read the student body and come up with methods for street advertising that would stick with the unique blend of students at my college. This was where the challenge came, a challenge I wholly welcomed. Working on ideas to grab the student body’s attention proved to be a task that required real world skills in advertising and public relations, two fields that center around my college major and have certainly given me a leg up in classes related to those fields.

I also met a lot of fun and interesting people as a campus rep. I got to know other students my same age in the general area who shared the same passion for live music and performance as I did and as a result, made some friends who I’ve become pretty close with. I was also able to get other friends into shows at the Granada for free with the guest pass that I got along with my three free concerts a month, something that got me deeper into friend’s good graces. I got to know my college campus better and got to know people on campus who were interested in the music the Granada specializes in through my interactions with them and got to know patrons of local businesses as I put up posters. I learned a lot and had a great time as a Granada campus representative so when the time came for my freshman year to end and this summer to begin, I knew I wanted to keep working at the Granada if it was possible. I applied for the position of Media/Public Relations intern and very gratefully got the job.

As a Media/Public Relations intern, I would be working in the Granada’s promotions office instead of on the street as I had been doing up to this point, the job being an entirely new experience for me as I was actually working in an office instead of interacting directly with the public. As an intern dealing with the media and public relations, it is my job to compile information about goings on in the DFW Metroplex, contact businesses about advertising and working with the Granada, interact with people through social networking, and of course, contribute to The G Party, the Granada’s blog. My position comes with free shows and over the course of my time with the Granada I’ve gotten the opportunity to see an incredibly diverse spectrum of bands like of Deerhunter, Wavves, of Montreal, Sebadoh, Los Campesinos!, Best Coast, The Walkmen, Psychedelic Furs, Portugal. The Man, Mogwai, and many more all at no cost to me and have been able to attend once in a lifetime events like the Gorilla vs. Bear Festival which included bands like White Denim, Preteen Zenith, Shabazz Palaces, Julianna Barwick, Grimes, Pure X and others.

As a job itself, working at the Granada is a blast. Our favorite music is kept pumping throughout the office all day and there never seems to be a dull moment among my co-workers. Located in the heart of Dallas’ super hip lower Greenville neighborhood, it’s easy to get to some place fun and exciting after the day is done, that is of course, as long as there isn’t a concert I can go to going on in the theater. I can grab a bite at some of Dallas’ trendiest restaurants and check out some of the Granada’s awesome food as well. I’ve learned a lot of skills in my position at the Granada as I pursue a degree in public relations at the University of Texas at Austin next semester, having amassed a great deal of real world experience working in a field that is relevant to me and of which I am extremely passionate about. There is nothing quite like working for the Granada, its an experience I will appreciate for a long time.

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