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If you’ve heard Dale Watson you know his music’s nothing new to the country genre, or to the Ameripolitan genre, a term Watson uses to describe his own style. But if you haven’t heard Watson, you might mistake his deep vocals, story-telling, and classic country guitar for an unreleased Johnny Cash tune. As a fan added in the documentary This Is Dale Watson, the musician plays “country like country was when country was country”, which just about tells you everything you could want to know about his sound.

While he is a big fan of Cash, the tattooed and coiffed Watson wasn’t always so fond of his similarities to the legend while trying to make a name for himself. However, Watson decided to “let the chips fall where they may” while recording From the Cradle to the Grave at Cash’s former cabin in the Tennessee mountains. It was at this point that Watson realized his work would not be dismissed as a copy if he followed in Cash’s stylistic footsteps, and allowed his album to show the influence of one of his favorite musical heroes.

Watson’s latest album Carryin’ On is best described as old school Route 66 road tripping music. It’s a widely mentioned fact that Watson even financed this album himself in order to keep his work exactly as he liked it, untouched by the record label. Sure, Watson is known for his distaste for modern Nashville, a reason the singer returned to Texas, but he manages to dredge up the city’s country roots in the recording of Carryin’ On.

If Dale Watson’s new album sounds good to you now, you’ll love this classic video for “South of Round Rock, Texas”. And don’t forget to purchase your tickets to see Watson open for The Tejas Brothers this Friday, July 29th:

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