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Check out some press reviews on Gorilla vs Bear Festival here. Thanks everyone for coming out!

“[…] we’re hopeful this fresh festival stays in Dallas for years to come.” Brenna Rushing, Pegasus News

“the [Gorilla vs Bear] site has turned me on to so much good music over the years, and the festival followed suit.”

“The new air-conditioning unit at the Granada has the place feeling like a meat locker. It’s super cold in there, which makes for a nice escape from the cruel heat.”

“[…] things went almost perfectly.”

Quotes from Daniel Hopkins, Dallas Observer

Photo by Mike Mezeul

On White Denim:

“These guys love what they do, and the level they’re playing at parallels their fervor.” 

“They made no attempt at small talk; they knew their music would do the talking. Austin Jenkins’ shredding was impressive.”

Quotes from Brenna Rushing, Pegasus News

“But they wasted no time, sprinting from one song to the next, showing the remaining, devoted fans that they indeed deserved to headline.” Daniel Hopkins, Dallas Observer 

On Preteen Zenith:

“…truly impressive for a debut performance.”

“Overwhelming as the visual bombast was, the music was perfectly suited to it.”

“For better and for worse, the debut was unforgettable”

Quotes from by Jesse Hughey, Dallas Observer

On Shabazz Palaces:

“There was clearly a lot of anticipation building for the band’s set on the venue’s Twitter feed […] [they] put on a fantastic set.”

Daniel Hopkins, Dallas Observer

On Julianna Barwick:

“She created layer upon layer of vocal harmonies that sounded like a choir washing over the audience. Her music was gorgeous and fragile[…].” Daniel Hopkins, Dallas Observer

On Grimes:

“[She] let the music showcase her personality.”

“Her soft, high-pitched, girlish voice and cute stage banter made her the sweetheart of the night.”

Quotes from Daniel Hopkins, Dallas Observer

Photo by Mike Mezeul

On Sleepover:

“Austin’s Sleepover offered up a keyboard-heavy shoegazy set, backed by a drum machine playing pretty interesting syncopated grooves. […] [they] put on an interesting show.”                                                                                                                                                                                                  Daniel Hopkins, Dallas Observer

On Sunset:

“[…]the set [was] a highlight of the earlier portion of the festival.” Daniel Hopkins, Dallas Observer

On Pure X:

“Pure X’s take on the ethereal genre was quite interesting.”

“[…] their energy translated to the crowd nonetheless.”

Quotes from Daniel Hopkins, Dallas Observer

On Dreamed:

“The music […] made for a good jumping off point for the festival.” Daniel Hopkins, Dallas Observer

On DJ Sober:

“The [Twitter] feed also gave repeated praise to the filler DJ, Sober, who brought a hard-hitting mix between each set.”

Brenna Rushing, Pegasus News


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