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Veteran Dallas musician Tim Delaughter continues to grace us with his musical musings with his highly-anticipated new band, Preteen Zenith. I have been notified that PTZ has been hard at work in the studio and rehearsal space, creating yet another performance that promises to be within the same concert tier as The Flaming Lips (except maybe with fewer celebrities in animal suits, giant Coyne-encased rubber balls, and genitalia).

Preteen Zenith’s track “Abstraction” recently made its debut on their website. This track exists in three identical cinematic swells, inviting the listener to soak up the rhythm that will narrate their own imaginary film. Whether or not PTZ deliberately gave “Abstraction” 3 repeats or not, this originally uploaded version gives it a thoughtful depth. The multiple climaxes in this track combined with the impending rhythmic pattern and garbled voices that seemingly come from every direction may translate into the meaning behind the film Run Lola Run–we all have choices to make, and even the smallest will affect us and those around us (and strangely, “Abstraction” might have fit perfectly on the Run Lola Run soundtrack). The first track released by Preteen Zenith is “Extraction,” a track very similar to to “Abstraction” but with more definitive vocals, and with more of a “song” feel (rather than a movie score feel).

In commemoration of GorillavsBear’s 6th anniversary, we are asking the GVB Fest performers 6 questions in 6 words that they must also answer in 6 words. Here’s what I got from Preteen Zenith (Tim Delaughter).

What music are you currently digging?

Sweet Lee Morrow,  Cults, New Fumes

Who are your music influences lately?

Grass in street surrounded by concrete

What initially sparked Preteen Zenith’s inception?

Series of Tim DeLaughter recordings instigated

Is The Polyphonic Spree on hold?

The Polyphonic Spree coexists with PTZ

When can we expect an album?

Singles will be released until album

What should we expect at GvBFest?

Preteen Zenith pysch colored prism frenzy

Check out both of the tracks below, then get tickets to GvB Fest, where they will make their DEBUT PERFORMANCE. Guys, this is Dallas music history–come be a part of it.

Abstraction by Preteen Zenith

Extraction by Preteen Zenith


Preteen Zenith is just one of the amazing music artists that will be performing at the inaugural Gorilla vs Bear Festival at Granada Theater on July 23, 2011. Get tickets and more information here.


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