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In the past couple years water has stepped into the political and economic arena. Water is one of the most precious resources on our planet, without it we wouldn’t be able to survive. Worldwide, the consumption of water is doubling every 20 years, that’s more than twice the rate of increase in the world’s population. As of recent, scientists have reported on rivers running dry, ocean levels decrease, extreme droughts, and heat waves that are more than unbearable.

A large amount of water is wasted in agriculture, industry, and urban areas. Researchers estimate that with the available technologies and better operational practices, agricultural water demand could be cut by about 50%, and that in urban areas by about 33% without affecting the quality or economics of life. Due to the increase in population there has been a rise in the demand for food, space for housing, consumer products, etc., which has in turn resulted in increased industrialization, urbanization, and demands in agriculture thereby leading to both river and groundwater contamination.

There are more than a billion people across the globe who lack access to both a steady and clean supply of drinking water.

So now you ask, where does The Granada Theater play into this battle for water preservation?

Here at the Granada Theater we have made a makeover to our men’s restrooms by installing waterless urinals. A waterless urinal saves on average 20,000 to 45,000 gallons of water a year. Twenty-two Waterless urinals can save up to 1,000,000 gallons of water per year. Toilets and urinals still use potable, fresh water and it is estimated that up to 20% of the available drinking water in the world is flushed down the drain, wastefully.

Out of the estimated 8 million urinals installed in the US, there are about 100 million people using those. On an average of a 2 gallon flush, that’s roughly 160 billion gallons of potable water used towards restrooms.

160 billion gallons of water is equivalent to the water usage of 490,000 homes or 1.9 million people per year. If this number can be drastically cut, we could save our natural waterways and oceans from sewer and septic system run off. Less contaminated water, more drinking water for the people.

So, remember the next time your in the men’s restroom at the Granada Theater, your actually doing your part to save water by not flushing and using a waterless urinal.

Check the video below to see how you can help out more!


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