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I hope you’re ready to fall in love.

Grimes, aka Claire Boucher, has had a buzz about her for about a year. Her music has been described as “lo-fi dance,” often carrying a prominent beat accompanied by her enigmatic vocals and dazey keyboard work. Listening to Grimes can recall such artists as Lykke Li, Zola Jesus, and Sleep Over, yet maintain a style of her own that has to be heard to be recognized. Her musical sensibility evokes dusk-like connotations, hypnotically drifting somewhere between the darker side of dream pop and the brighter side of witch house.

While the trendy lo-fi movement has made way for a plethora of bedroom musicians on countless hip music blogs, it has virtually become the “pop” genre of the indie music umbrella. Yes, Grimes is a part of this movement. Yes, Grimes has been featured on countless hip music blogs. Yes, Grimes has released music on cassette tapes in the past year. No, Grimes’ music is not cheap, disposable, or without style, talent, or impression. Boucher’s haunting compositions have a trance-like quality, almost as if she possessed them with each listen. If there is a list of GvB-endorsed artists you should listen to this year, Grimes will be on that list.

In commemoration of GorillavsBear’s 6th anniversary, we are asking the GVB Fest performers 6 questions in 6 words that they must also answer in 6 words. Here’s what I got from Ms. Boucher.

What music are you currently digging?

cop car bonfire, Mozart’s sister, myths

What are your main music influences?

beautiful singing, other musicians, life, art

Is art a hobby or job?

both – makes $ but it’s fun

Have you ever been to Texas?

only once for sxsw festival hfhf

What’s your favorite thing about Canada?

cheap rent, good friends, clean air

Are you working on new material?

yeah my new album’s almost done

Check out the video below for Grimes’ video for the song “Vanessa.” Let this purgatoric angel lull you into her world for a few minutes.


Grimes is just one of the amazing music artists that will be performing at the inaugural Gorilla vs Bear Festival at Granada Theater on July 23, 2011. Get tickets and more information here.

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