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Sweat, blood, and rock ‘n roll! The late 70s for the music buff was defined by the formation of new genres. Post-punk, in particular, was a genre that easily gained a following and guided the underground rock music scene into the 80s, defining bands such as Sonic Youth, New Order, and The Jesus and Mary Chain.

A particularly awesome name is a band under the name Mission of Burma. Starting in the intrepid city of Boston, Roger Miller (guitar) and Clint Conley (bass), knowing each other from former band Moving Parts, grouped with Peter Prescott (drums) to form what is known as Mission of Burma.

Their rowdy and positively rambunctious shows contributed to the wild culture surrounding underground rock of the late 70s and early 80s. So loud that Miller soon developed worsening tinnitus (wild!), an ear condition that soon led to MoB’s break-up. Though only recording one EP and two full length albums before 1983, many bands have cited Mission of Burma as an influence (i.e pretty big names, too, such as Fugazi, Pixies, and Superchunk).

In 2002, MoB regrouped and decided give music another shot. This time, with Shellac’s Bob Weston as their mixing board and tape manipulation guy to keep their sound badass and traditional. Mission of Burma were ready to live up to the expectations and popularity that MoB quickly gained in the 80s before their sudden drop from the music scene.

Element Productions recorded their reformation in 2002 through Not A Photograph, a documentary that follows the members’ steps into the music scene after 19 years of absence. With the quick transformations, seeing the members’ age affect their performances, Not A Photograph is a film about MoB’s adaptation into the constantly changing music world. Alongside being so “ahead-of-their-time” in the early 80s, we see their reappearance, still retaining many followers to date.

Mission of Burma will be at the Granada Theater on July 24th. But our friends at Good Records has planned a showing of Not A Photograph on July 18th. This event is COMPLETELY FREE and Good Records will also be providing free popcorn AND free BEER to let you experience the true rock and roll festivities that will happen when Mission of Burma comes through Dallas.

Here is a trailer of Not A Photograph to prep you up for that watch party. Good documentaries and post-punk heaven.
Check out Good Records’ Twitter and Facebook for updated news on this event. See you there!
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