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Another band from the Live Music Capital of the World, Austin’s Sleep ∞ Over is a lo-fi treat for the dreamland-friendly. Backed by the Stefanie Franciotti, the group was a 3-piece until recently when the other two members broke away to form the group known as Boy Friend. Stefanie carries the Sleep ∞ Over name gracefully, creating free, open soundscapes accompanied by beautiful harmonizing vocals that have the power of the Sirens; Sleep ∞ Over has the rare ability to paint a new picture in your mind with each listen.

Sleep ∞ Over has released several singles and cassettes (one of those singles is split with fellow GvB Fest performer Pure X), and their debut LP is due out later this summer. Despite their personell change, Sleep ∞ Over is touring with a full backing band.

While many think that the lo-fi/chillwave genre boom is a passing hipster fad, let Sleep ∞ Over’s “Casual Diamond” wash over you and change your mind.

Casual Diamond by Sleep ∞ Over

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