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We’re all excited about the Gorilla vs. Bear Festival coming up on July 23rd, which is a really good excuse to show Austin’s White Denim some blog-love. And music writers are more than happy to spout the virtues of the band’s latest album, D. Here’s what they’re saying:

“An audacious, adventurGranada Theater, Gorilla vs. Bear Festival, White Denim, Dous, unclassifiable fourth album from the newly expanded Austin natives: this is a seriously self-assured sonic experience.” – Anna Wilson, Clash Music

“White Denim are so fiercely experimental, playful and talented that they cram more radical change into single songs than many bands life spans.” –Maddy Costa, The Guardian

“There are countless touchstones,manage in entire  but the sublime attack often recalls late-Sixties Grateful Dead, when their songs still had garage-rock drive but were exploding every which way.” – Will Hermes, Rolling Stone

“On its follow-up, D, the band doesn’t just leave the driveway—it ditches the road entirely. What follows is a bit of bumpy experimentalism that adds some slack to Fits’ chopped-and-cranked take on classic rock.” – Erik Adams, AV Club

“Their style of garage/jam rock fits in well with the current scene, but flexes enough to sound unique in comparison to others.” – White Denim, OneThirtyBPM

“As this fourth album arrives with all the driving force of an articulated lorry, fans can hail their patience as wisdom.” – Chris Parkin, NME

“Their music is ostensibly melodic, psychedelic rock with sweet and sunny vocal lines that would sound at home against a strummed acoustic guitar.” – Mike Barnes, BBC

“And D is easily White Denim’s best-sounding effort yet: The band’s trademark shape-shifting compositions now feature clean, interlocking guitar lines, and singer James Petralli’s voice has smoothed out into a raspy howl.” – Eric Harvey, Pitchfork

“Just give up on trying to figure out exactly where these guys are coming from and just let their relaxed rock ’n’ roll virtuosity work its magic.” – Jason Ferguson, Paste

“The band’s fourth full-length, D, largely forgoes the breezy indie pop of last year’s digital-only release, Last Day of Summer, attempting instead to usher jazz-fusion into the indie era.” – Austin Powell, Austin Chronicle

“Other influences have crept up over the years, including blues, jazz, prog-rock, folk, and—most notably on 2009’s Fits—psychedelia. D is the sound of the band giving in to these tendencies and cooking them all up in one big, Texas-sized stew.” – Prefix

“White Denim’s D just won’t be ignored. The Austin quartet’s fourth studio LP is an album so dense, so unstoppably kinetic, that the flurry of movement makes background listening impossible.” – Reyan Ali, The Boston Phoenix

“All members of White Denim can play circles around most of their indie-rock and garage contemporaries.” – Kodi McKinney, CMJ

Until you can see White Denim live at Gorilla vs. Bear Fest this month, watch this live recording from Austin Music Weekly to tide you over:

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