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That’s right, Ringo turned 71 today! For his 70th birthday last year, Starr asked everyone around the world to spread the words of “peace and love” any way they could. So, whether it’s via text, tweet, or carrier pigeon, we’re sure that Ringo would love no other birthday present than for everyone to spread peace and love again this year. The legendary Beatles drummer is celebrating his birthday with a performance with his All-Star band tonight. The concert will take place in Hamburg, Germany where the Beatles regularly performed back in the 60’s. At an impressive age of 71, Starr is still rocking and rolling all over the world.


Unfortunately, we cannot all teleport ourselves over to Germany to catch the show, but it’s okay, because we are here to tell you that there is another great way for everyone to celebrate! A Hard Night’s Day, a distinguished Beatles tribute group, will be at the Granada on Saturday, August 6th. The group will be playing from their repertoire of over 200 Beatles songs! A Hard Night’s Day was the winner of the Dallas Observer Music Awards Best Cover Band in 2009! The local group has been performing for 15 years and is truly the real deal. In honor of Ringo, be sure to spread peace and love today, and don’t forget to buy tickets to see A Hard Night’s Day!

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Watch A Hard Night’s Day here!

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